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Aug 12, 2012 11:26 AM

Tasty lobster roll

Reading the 99 ranch lobster thread has left. Me wanting to try one. Looking at Woodhouse and Nettie's crabshack? Any preferences and why? Any other good places to sample that I don't know about? Thanks!

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  1. Prime Dip in the TL or on Fillmore has a tasty Lobster Dip. For me, it's rich enough on its own; the accompanying portion cup of "hot melted dill butter" sends it over the top. Not to mention the side dish. I usually split the lobster dip with someone, which makes the price of $14.99 for one sandwich a heck of a deal.

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      1. re: rebeccakinney

        Thank you!

        The roll at Prime dip was perfect.

      2. The SF Examiner critic recently did a rundown of SF lobster rolls:

        He likes Woodhouse and a place in South SF called New England Lobster Company.

        The best of the genre that I've in the Bay Area doesn't use lobster at all: the Louisiana crawfish roll at Pican (in Oakland). You'd have to check to see if they have it on the menu now.

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          there is a thread on a chowdown at NELC from a day or two ago

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            Woodhouse must have changed since my lobster roll of waterlogged and tasteless mostly claw meat.