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Tasty lobster roll

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Reading the 99 ranch lobster thread has left. Me wanting to try one. Looking at Woodhouse and Nettie's crabshack? Any preferences and why? Any other good places to sample that I don't know about? Thanks!

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  1. Prime Dip in the TL or on Fillmore has a tasty Lobster Dip. For me, it's rich enough on its own; the accompanying portion cup of "hot melted dill butter" sends it over the top. Not to mention the side dish. I usually split the lobster dip with someone, which makes the price of $14.99 for one sandwich a heck of a deal.

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        Thank you!

        The roll at Prime dip was perfect.

      2. The SF Examiner critic recently did a rundown of SF lobster rolls:

        He likes Woodhouse and a place in South SF called New England Lobster Company.

        The best of the genre that I've in the Bay Area doesn't use lobster at all: the Louisiana crawfish roll at Pican (in Oakland). You'd have to check to see if they have it on the menu now.

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          there is a thread on a chowdown at NELC from a day or two ago


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            Woodhouse must have changed since my lobster roll of waterlogged and tasteless mostly claw meat.