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Aug 12, 2012 10:45 AM

Fanny Bay Scallops

Was on Vancouver Island a couple of months ago and picked up some scallops at Fanny Bay Scallops, where they are among the few on the planet who farm scallops under relatively controlled conditions. They were without question the best scallops we have ever had and with some distance, and Mrs Scary is more than a bit snooty when it comes to scallops (lots of other foods too, btw) Anyway, haven't thought about them until this morning when, tired of Olympic coverage, turned to the Food Channel and Lynn Crawford was at Fanny Bay.
I Googled and could only find that NOtaBLE has served them, couldn't find any fishmongers who sell them. Sooooo, my question is, does anyone know if they are available anywhere in the Calgary area, or, for that matter, Edmonton, as we'll be going there in the next couple of weeks?


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  1. Scallops or oysters? Fanny Bay is known for it's oysters which I have had in a jar from Superstore. I absolutly love them and always pickup a bunch to BBQ when I go to our friends on the island. The jar is a great substitute!
    Dean in Red Deer

    1. I should have been correct about the name of the company, it is Island Scallops. Their hatchery is in Qualicum Beach, but they raise the scallops in the Strait of Georgia in the Deep Bay - Fanny Bay areas. Lynne Crawford's show referred to Fanny Bay.

      We did try the Fanny Bay oysters as well, buying them fresh shucked that day at their processing facility, and found them to be large and not quite the flavour we are used to. We're more a fan of east coast oysters, PEI in particular.

      1. We purchase our Fanny Bay Scallops from City Fish ( you should be able to get some there!

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          NOtaBLE, thank you ever so much, you are a scholar and a gentleman, unless you are a lady, then of course you are a scholar and a lady.

          Fingers crossed they'll sell retail in less than restaurant quantities!