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Aug 12, 2012 02:24 AM

Your favourite beer at TJ in Glendale/Burbank (CA)

What are your favorite beers at Trader Joe's in Glendale and Burbank area?

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  1. I patronize the Studio City branch. I am a maltomaniac who prefers sweeter beers. I like Hoegarden Belgian Witbier, Spaten Optimator Doppelbock, and Josephs Brau Dunkelweizen.

    If you aren't already aware of these sites, I strongly suggest you check out and You can educate yourself on the various styles and check out ratings by people from all over the world. No sense wasting your money on poorly-rated beers.

    I once again salute Trader Joe's and Whole Foods for allowing the purchase of single beers from six-packs. Many of us enjoy the freedom to sample different beers and styles, and some of us (like me) only drink one beer a week.

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      thanks for useful info ... will check out those beers and sites

      plus.. didnt know that TJ allows single beers from six-packs.. this was the reason I couldn't get a new beer pack and if I dint like it..

    2. Black Toad (which is actually a stout)

      1. You'll have to wait a few more months for it, but the best beer at TJ's -- and one of the best beer bargains anywhere at $3 for a big bottle -- is their special holiday brew, typically a rich spicy dubbel (perhaps somewhere between a dubbel and a quadrupel) brewed for them by Unibroue. You won't have any luck finding it right now, but it's really too rich a beer for muggy heat waves anyway...

        Meanwhile, the HLV "Heavy Lift Vehicle" ale is ... well, not exactly *great*, but decent bang for the buck. For $6 I got three big bottles, drank one, braised some beef cheeks in another, and made ice cream with the third for a pretty good meal all around.

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            My brother and I shared a Chimay Tripel (White) at Walter's in Claremont. We both liked it.

          2. i shop @ a variety of TJ's (depending on where i am when i have time to do a TJ's run) and have been loving the Firestone DBA which i think that they have @ most locations. if you want to drink local beer---i've also seen Golden Road Brewery's "point the way IPA" @ several TJ's in NE LA. it's a tasty summer IPA without having over the top hops.

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            1. re: LAgirl2

              Sounds like what you may want is just a simple Pale Ale as your "summer IPA."

              1. re: Tripeler

                i do like "regular" pale ale in addition to IPAs (it just seems like a lot of the newer craft brews out there really push the hops). i also like a nice hefe in the summer---i don't recall seeing any @ tjs.