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Aug 11, 2012 11:20 PM

Besh Steak Report

I had a very nice meal last week at Besh Steak in the Harrah's Casino.

First, even though it's right off the casino floor, there was no spillover of noise or anything else that would distract from your meal at all. It's a very attractive room decorated with multiple pieces of George Rodrigue's "Blue Dog" paintings.

My friend and I both started with the "Market Soup" which on this day was Redfish Bisque ($9). Wow, this was really flavorful. One of the best bisques I've ever had.

The bread service was a mini baguette. I told the waiter that this bread was the closest I've ever had to the fresh loaves that I used to pick up as a child at an Italian bakery in my home town. Many, many people in the town are nostalgic about the bread from this long-closed bakery. I'm telling them they need to go to New Orleans. The waiter said it is baked for all the Besh restaurants.

We both then had the Bibb Salad with Buttermilk Blue Cheese Dressing and Spiced Pecans ($12). It was quite a generous plate. I suspect some might find this salad overdressed but I didn't mind since the dressing was so tasty.

My main was the 14 oz Cast-Iron Seared Ribeye of Prime Beef ($35). This was a great steak, on par with anything I've had in the great Chicago or Las Vegas steakhouses. Cooked to perfect temperature, as well. I didn't really want the fries (pomme frittes) usually served with this steak, but they happily substituted a nice medley of summer vegetables.

My friend had the 10 oz Filet of Beef tenderloin with Dauphinoise Potatoes, Asparagus, Bordelaise, and Smoked Cherry Marrow Butter ($46). Another winner. My friend particularly liked the potatoes.

My only knock on the meal would be a B- to the waiter. He was just not checking on us like he should and, when he did, it was in mid-stride while he was breezing by. I think the FOH manager realized it and she started checking on us and refilling our glasses.

I would happily return for the food, though....even just to get some more of that bread.

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  1. JoeyH,

    Great report, and thank you for taking the time to post it.

    I have not been to Besh's Steakhouse, though wife has done two culinary events with Chef Besh there, as parts of other, larger events, and WAS impressed.

    Though we are both NOT real "steakhouse" folk (maybe because we have to dine at too many events around the US at steakhouses?), I have heard only good about Besh's, and as we respect him as a chef and restauranteur, need to go. We were right there, at the Windsor Court, but had far too few days and nights. Just did manage to get to Restaurant August, which was excellent.



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    1. re: Bill Hunt

      Besh steakhouse is as good as it gets. Doesnt have the old school credentials of the older places and it is in harrahs casino. but its great.

    2. We have not made it to any of Besh's restaurants but after this review I believe we will be moving it to the top of our list. Thanks.
      We went to a Saint's training camp practice and Besh was there as just a regular guy with his family. I asked for his autograph and said you don't want mine, I said he was one of my idols and actually blushed and signed my hat. What a humble great guy.