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Aug 11, 2012 08:55 PM

Visiting Next Week - Dinners

I'm looking forward to visiting Atlanta next week (Thurs-Sat nights) and hope to get to try some of your great restaurants. We'll be in a seminar all day so the culinary adventure will be dinners only. We're not renting a car, so we want places within a reasonably priced cab ride.

We're staying at Hilton Garden Inn downtown and I assume we will eat at Legal Seafood at least one night. Any suggestions for dishes there that are must-haves or steer-clears?

Other restaurants under consideration for dinners are Southern Art, Flip Burger and Woodfire Grill (kill me but I loves me some Top Chef), Rathbun's, Rathbun Steak, The SHED. I would appreciate opinions on each of these and of course other places that you feel we shouldn't miss if possible. Thanks!

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  1. The Varsity. Make sure you get a Frosted Orange.

    1. Empire State South in Midtown. Easily accessible by MARTA. Outstanding food. Ditto for Ecco.

      Legal Seafood is ok, not bad for a chain, but there are much better options.

      1. Id skip legal. Id go to bistro niko. Bones over Rathbuns. Empire state south over woodfire

        1. Empire State South is intriguing, but is the online menu accurate? The entree choices look a little too limited. Also the price point may be a little high.

          Bistro Niko looks good. I agree there are places that interest me much more than Legal, it is likely to be a default for convenience though.

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            Empire State South is excellent and the online menu is a sample menu as the menu changes very regularly depending on what is available. As for price point, Woodfire is considerably higher.

            Another couple of spots are JCT Kitchen and 4th & Swift. Similar to ESS in that they are new Southern Cuisine.

            Abattoir is interesting but loud. In Decatur there is Leons as someone mentioned, Cakes and Ale and the Iberian Pig.

            Hope this helps.

          2. Other ideas (and I'd skip the Varsity, unless you're into greasy gut-bomb fast food):

            Sound Table
            Miso Izakaya
            One Eared Stag
            Miller Union or JCT Kitchen
            The Spence (newer Blais place) or The Lawrence (which we maybe liked better on a one-evening survey of both)

            Flip is too precious for me when I feel like a burger. You could also grab a train to Decatur and go to Leon's and walk around downtown (nice if the weather's good). I like Woodfire, but I'm always offending by how bleeping expensive it can be. I'd probably hit several of the list above over it.

            I'd also blow off Legal Seafoods and catch a cab to Six Feet Under on 11th St. Weather permitting, their rooftop patio is a great place to grab some seafood-shack-type stuff and a brew. The view of Midtown is great.

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            1. re: ted

              Cmon Ted. They've git to try varsity to experience the old time carhops at last. Then couple if chilidogs and fried pie