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2 year old foodie to take Austin by storm

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We're headed to Austin mid-September, with a very adventurous toddler (she requested sushi to celebrate her last birthday) and a wee one. Looking for things to do.

We don't eat meat or chicken. Fish is ok but not seafood./shellfish Can you point us in the right direction?

Also, mommy and daddy need good beer...either at a restaurant or filling up a growler.

Would love to know about good happy hour specials that may work too.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. If she likes sushi, and you are willing to pay for something nicer, take her to Uchi or Uchiko.

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      I have to disagree. I don't feel that Uchi or Uchiko would be appropriate for a toddler and an infant.

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        I have to disagree with your disagreement. :) Uchi, and any other fine dining restaurant in Austin for that matter, is perfectly reasonable for toddlers (if they are behaved) if you go at 5pm.

        We take our daughters (5 years/ 6 months) there all the time for happy hour and they love it.

        That said, I would highly reccomend Uchi for this sushi special occasion.

    2. Thanks for the ideas. Besides sushi (I gave it merely as an example that my oldest is not picky), anything specific we should try?

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        Uchi/Uchiko at happy hour are both fine for behaved children and a potentially extraordinary meal for the adults...but only if that's where the adults want to dine. They are also the best options for seafood (which means both fish and shellfish) in Austin, by far. However, going there just because a two year-old likes sushi would be overkill, in my opinion.

        Perla's is also good for fish and has a happy hour. Otherwise, check out the Elizabeth Street Cafe, the South Congress Cafe, El Naranjo, Flip Happy Crepes, and the 24 Diner for comfortable restaurants with accessible food for kids and interesting vegetarian or fish options for adults. For kids plus beer, look into Frank and Easy Tiger, both of which are kid-friendly (although more so during the day) and have ample beer selections plus a few vegetarian options on their menus. And for something a little more upscale but still relaxed, you could easily compose a nice three-course meal out of the veg/fish choices at Lenoir.

        Lastly, although I'm not a vegetarian at all (as my misspelled screen name attests), I frequently crave both the deep-fried Avocado Cone at the Mighty Cone and the Veggie Chorizo Quesadilla at the Kerbey Lane Cafe, which are both good Austin-specific dishes for pescatarian/child-toting visitors.

        None of my recommendations are strictly vegetarian or fish, however, so be sure to look at their menus beforehand. Have fun!

      2. I am surprised that no one has mentioned Freddie's yet (on S. 1st). Shaded outdoor patio with a playground, live music that never gets above 85 db, very kid friendly and dog friendly. Also if it's above 100 degrees (still a possibility in mid-September, unfortunately), margaritas are only $1.

        1. We have a three year old and we love the beer and small plates at contigo. It's delicious and there are lots of families, outdoor seating, it's def one of our favorites. Also a very Austin type place- no reservations so get there early. We have taken our daughter to uchiko without problems many times. They actually have boosters, and booth seating. Uchi might be harder because of the smaller layout but i have seen babies at the sushi bar. Same thing at la condesa. For great mole there is a place el naranjo on Rainey street that is terrific. We also like perlas, in south austin, and it is just a short two blocks walk to big top candy shoppe. Austin is pretty casual and most places are fine with a toddler.