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Aug 11, 2012 07:48 PM

budget brunch venice for 10+

My friend is visiting Venice and would like suggestions for budget friendly brunch in Venice (20/person). It's a large party of around 13 and one member has veg and gluten-free requirements. As I do not live near Venice, I don't know where to suggest. I believe they are going to Figtree Cafe. I would probably go to Gjelina. But I know that chowhounds here might know better. Thanks!

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  1. 3 Square has an excellent reputation for brunch and a great pedigree, run by the Rockenwagner folks. Here is the brunch menu:

    1. Joe's brunch is surprisingly affordable. And nice! You pick your entree and your choice of starter is included.

      And yes, even some veg and GF options.

      The back covered patio would be great for a group.

        1. Gjelina. Just know you can't change anything on their menu. No special requests period. The way it's printed is the way it is served. No deletions either. That is their policy. Just ask Gordon Ramsey.

          1. nice all on abbot kinney