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Aug 11, 2012 07:24 PM

Ice cream challenge summer: shockingly delicious honey rosemary

So today I extracted the honey from my bee hive and decided I had to celebrate with an appropriate ice cream. Honey rosemary has been on my mind so, in spite of being kind of suspicious of this sort of fancypants flavour, I went for it. Used this recipe from Epicurous: and made it exactly as the recipe says.

Phenomenal. In every way. Subtle, mysterious, delicious. A flavour you'd never be able to identify if you didn't know what it was. Texture was perfect. We are completely hooked. This one has gone directly to the top of the list - maybe tied with the fresh mint and chocolate. But stunningly good. Highly recommended.

Now what to do with the other 36-1/2 lbs of honey....?

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  1. May I come visit and wash your dishes and be given little spoonfuls? Your ice cream challenge has captivated me!

    An herb variation that could be good is to add bay leaves to the honey. I've made a fig jam which has honey and bay (C. Ferber) and the flavor is subtle yet lovely. I keep meaning to infuse a jar of honey with bay just to have at the ready to drizzle on cheese or fruit.

    1. Sounds terrific! I've saved the recipe.