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Black Licorice Specialty Shops

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Ah yes, the always polarizing black licorice. Whether you love it or hate it, are there any shops in NYC with an excellent selection? Any BL specialists?

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  1. Not sure if they are considered specialists, but Economy Candy on Rivington has a good selection.

    1. I saw a bunch at Eataly few mos back. Dean and Deluca also.

      1. The Sweet Life on Hester Street has a variety of licorice . Not too far from Economy Candy-you can do a comparison tasting :)

        1. Not a shop, but one of a number of web retailers specializing in many kinds of mostly Dutch licorice, to which I am alas addicted.


          1. Buona Italia in the Chelsea market also has natural licorice root if you want to go straight to the source.