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Aug 11, 2012 05:55 PM

Root or R'Evolution?

I'm a native NOLAinian w one night home - which would you recommend?

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  1. Lot of differences: Root is cutting edge, with various "out there" cooking techniques, though grounded in solid house-made fare: extensive sausage and charcuterie offerings, small and large plates with pork belly, fish, scallops, and other top raw materials. Not as vast nor expensive as RR, though the latter does deliver with a broad menu of choices. Warehouse District vs. FQ, hip vs. a diverse collection of diners, good wine list vs. a HUGE wine list...night and day, both very good.

    1. yep two totally different options. i enjoy them both, but RR has more louisiana-themed offerings, if thats important to you.

      1. Have not done Root.

        Just did R'evolution, and while very good, I felt that they were still "a work in progress." I think that they have all of the elements, and that it will just be time, when they get it all lined up perfectly. Very good, but with some noticeable glitches.



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        1. re: Bill Hunt

          what were the glitches?

          ive been several times so far, but only one sit-down (not at bar); so far ive found it great, so im curious what wasnt polished when you were there. heading back tonight for another sit-down dinner in one of the dining rooms.

          1. re: kibbles

            ok to answer my own question...was there tonight w/ a four-top for a proper meal (3 hours; my other sit-down was a brief after-dinner visit) and while the food was very good, the service was pretty sloppy. between the main waiter, assistant, table helpers, and a manager, they were constantly mixed up -- forgot a course, placed entrees at wrong spots, forgot left-overs, etc..

            so i guess they do still need some practice in that area. was it service by chance?

            1. re: kibbles

              very different but I really like RR. Very upscale and delicious, lots to choose from which is good. DEATH BY GUMBO really is to die for...YUM

              1. re: LHR218

                R'evolution. I've been twice without any glitches. Maybe just lucky. Have resv for tomorrow evening as well. I've only been to Root for the 7or so course Tales of the Cocktail dinner and it was a mess.

        2. I've been twice to each. Both are excellent in their own ways, but at both I had one outstanding meal and one meal that was simply good. Can't really go wrong with either one, but Root is more "out there" if you will.

            1. re: The Chowfather

              I am among many locals who give very little credence to the local " food critic's" reviews. Search his name on this board. Better yet,, search his name here:

              I dine for pleasure and have no agenda. I merely post my experience be it good or bad. Others may enjoy Root. Every protein I had was overcooked...white tuna, grey lamb, dry, hard rabbit. My husband deemed the dessert the worst he's ever had. Hopefully, you'll have better luck. In any event, the total dining experience at R'evolution is far superior. Apples/oranges.

              1. re: JazzyB

                That's odd because you just lost a great one in Brett Anderson