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Aug 11, 2012 05:39 PM


What about this place for dinner? We'll have a car. Has anyone been? I read about it lately and sounds like they use old school ingredients (nettles, zucchini flowers, etc).

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  1. I love Anteprima. Get the grilled octopus appetizer. Actually, their are so many good apps you can make a meal of the small plates if you want. But the pasta is also great. I don't know the mains as well since I've pretty much stuck to the apps and pastas. They have an extensive list of Italian wines and do a nice job of suggesting pairings. The room is pretty tight so be prepared to know your neighbors.

    They also own Acre two doors down with a more rustic American focus.

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      I love grilled octopus; this may be it then!

    2. I have really enjoyed Anteprima. If you go Sunday-Thursday (I think), they offer 3 courses for $29, which is quite a great deal. You can choose 3 of the following: appetizer, pasta, main, dessert. Also, the bread basket is worth mentioning, as it is a nice selection of different tastes/textures and worth a nibble or 50. Wine choices are excellent as mentioned by JoeyH. If you are there during nice weather, the patio is a very nice.

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        Thanks; I live for grilled octopus. We will be there during that time. I tried to look at their menu online but a warning about safety and possible threat to computer happens. I bailed!

      2. I love Anteprima. Not a fan of Acre. I would do the 29 dollar deal and they will give you (as your appetizer if you choose) a sample of 8 different appetizers. It's a real treat. Nice atmosphere and service too.

        1. Did you go? What did you think?

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            OK...didn't post my trip report yet, but couldn't eat everything we wanted to..this is a food lover's city! Geesh..thank goodness we walked everywhere.