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What's your Blue Bell flavor?

I am so boring - it's Homemade Vanilla all the way. I can be swayed for one half-gallon a summer of Peaches and Homemade Vanilla, or the even more rare Cantaloupe & Homemade (yes, you know) Vanilla, but that's about it. Maybe, and I mean maybe, I'll buy a pint of Pecan Pralines & Cream every fifth year or so.


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  1. My default is also Homemade Vanilla. However, my all time going back to a kid is Chocalate Chip, which is now relegated to a three month a year rotational status. This is not the Cookie Dough which I tried and did
    not like, but the original Chocalate chip. According to the web site, it is back on in August, but I failed to see any at my last HEB visit. Next time is see it, I'm bagging a half gallon, even though I'll gain two pounds just looking at it. I'll make it last until Thanksgiving. They "improved" the chips a few years ago, but I still like it. We usually buy pints, and are not averse to buying gimmick flavours. HEB has pints for 1.64 this week, and I got some Cotton Candy and Summer Strawberry Pie, both of which we've had before and enjoyed. I also enjoy Mint Chocalate Chip, which goes back, again to kid days, only back then you could only get it at Baskin Robbin's. One more favorite is when I'm sick, especially sore throat, and the must have is Dutch Chocalate. I hope this answers your question. Anybody else out there? Just remebered Chocolate Sundae, another childhood favorite that mightbe in their rotation.

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      Or it looks like Chocolate Sundae may be defunct. Here's a list of all their ice creams plus the three month rotation specials.


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        I'm getting tired of the rotational thing. It seems Blue Bell should be above the gimmicks.

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        My cousin in Odessa hasn't been able to find Buttered Pecan lately. Is anyone else having this problem?

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          It's on their website as being available year round, also in pints. I'd suggest your cousin get in touch with their favorite stores' management, and have them talk to the Blue Bell guy, or email or call Blue Bell direct.


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            Thanks for the suggestions. All of her other favorite flavors have been in stock but she definitely wants it back!

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              The in stock note hit a chord with me. I was at my local HEB, 6.97 lb bone in Prime Ribeyes, and the selection process for the perfect steak made me totally forget my quest for childhood favorite, Chocalate Chip, now supposedly in the "three month rotation." Back tomorrow for steak for the freezer and the elusive Chocolate Chip.

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                I live in New York but can't wait to get back to Texas to try all those flavors. My cousin always has about ten containers in her freezer and whips up milkshakes on hot summer nights. My favorite is Strawberries & Homemade Vanilla but I would like to try some of the more offbeat flavors like Coconut Fudge.

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                  Have your cousin get some Summer Strawberry Pie before it goes away. It may be available only in pints, and is on the short list for elimination.

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                    She would really like it. I was going to call her tonight so I'll let her know. Thanks.

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                      Local HEB trip today, Summer Strawberry Pie is available in 1/2 gallons. No Chocolate Chip however, next stop Kroger's. Butter Pecan is available.

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                        Good news about the Buttered Pecan. HEB isn't as close as her regular grocery stores (Walmart and Albertsons) but she'll make the trip if they have it.

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              I followed your advice and called HEB in Odessa. The woman I spoke with said she hadn't seen that flavor in about six months and she was definitely looking because it is one of her favorites.

              The next call was to headquarters in Brenham. After some voicemail prompts I reached a very helpful woman named Chris who quickly pointed out the problem. Pecans are in short supply because of the drought and the pecan halves that are in the Buttered Pecan are especially scarce. Blue Bell is still making it but in smaller batches, so a particular store might only get two or three per delivery.

              She did volunteer to find out when the delivery to my cousin's store was scheduled and she will get back to us (I called late Friday afternoon). The mystery is apparently solved.

              Again, thanks for your help. By the way, it might be some time before we get Blue Bell in New York, so I'll just have to schedule more trips to Texas.

        2. Since they stopped making Lemon, I really don't give a dam'.

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            Oh, man, lemon is my favorite ice cream flavor ever. I'd forgotten.

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              Are you willing to sign a petition bringing back Chocolate Chip from the rotation, and save poor Perilagu Kahn and yourself with the return of Lemon flavor? I remember seeing it but never tried it. You two now have me craving it.

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                This thread has just turned sad. Very, very sad.

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                  It could get worse, even world changing. I don't know if you're old enough to remember this, but they could go "New Coke" on us and..........

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                      Perilagu Khan, I just did a slow troll on my local, overly large HEB and saw no Lemon in any variety. If I'd seen some I would have bought it and described the flavors, but not to be.

            2. Blue Bell's persnickety -ness in only offering peppermint and pistachio at the holidays is why I bought an ice crem maker.

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                How funny, Peppermint may've been the first I made, as well.

              2. Blue Bell ice cream is on my short list of things I miss from Texas. I was partial to the Butter Pecan, and strangely enough, the Banana Split. Importantly, I never found a flavor I really disliked ...

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                  I just had key lime pie and it was soooo good. And it was on sale for $3.99!

                2. Pralines N Cream. I wish that I wasn't so far from Blue Bell though. They rarely have it in the stores I go to but so expensive. It is definitely a pick me up treat.

                  1. Moo-linium or Homemade Vanilla are the only 2 all in my household agree upon. Hubby who loves ice cream will also keep Banana Split or Peaches and Cream.

                    1. Nutty Coconut. Sadly I have not seen it in several years.

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                        I wish they did a coconut ice cream still. Really sweet coconut ice cream with fresh lime juice squeezed on top is out of this world. It's the only ice cream I could really stand when I lived in California and didn't have access to Blue Bell (Dreyers and Ben & Jerry's are no comparison whatsoever).

                      2. Dulce de Leche. I get a spoon and follow the veins of caramel like a miner searching for the motherlode.

                        1. Favorite flavor is Southern Blackberry Cobbler, which sadly, is seasonal. At least my #2, Rocky Mountain Road, is year-round; the marshmallow swirl in that is amazing, and makes it much better than the old school Rocky Road (which they still make too). Surprised to read about Butter Pecan being short, as it's all over San Antonio (though I strongly prefer the Pecan Praline to Butter Pecan). Natural Vanilla Bean is my #3, though Homemade Vanilla and French Vanilla are both outstanding too.

                          I'm always tempted to try the pistachio since pistachios are about my favorite snack in the world, but I can't see enjoying a salty ice cream.

                          1. I just had to report that I actually had Blue Bell today that made me, quite literally, sad.

                            It was Southern Peach Cobbler in a pint container, and was just terrible. Fluffy, even though it's still a full pint, but that kind of fluffy that melts too fast and leaves you feeling like you're eating an inferior, too-air-whipped product. Almost more like whipped cream, in fact, than ice cream. This is a decline in quality I've noticed before, but as I don't buy ice cream often, I'd forgotten.

                            But I could deal with that. I can always deal with nice sized chunks of peaches in vanilla ice cream, so there's no complaint with the fruit. The light touch of cinnamon was nice. What I cannot comprehend is the "cobbler bits." Imagine little rabbit-pellet sized pieces of mostly uncooked tasting flour, salt and lard/shortening meant to resemble pie crust. Or maybe just dough?

                            They were just sad little nuggets of Why, sprinkled in so, so liberally.

                            Cannot NOT recommend enough.

                            1. Peppermint stick. Love love love that stuff. Cool and minty, red, white, and pinkish, with crunchy chunks of peppermint.

                              Unfortunately, it's seasonal.

                              And that wouldn't be so bad, except that my idea of the perfect season for peppermint stick ice cream is summertime - reminiscent of the hot July picnics of my youth, when it was always the kids' job to sit on top of the ice cream maker while a grownup turned the crank. And as a reward, you got to lick the dasher when it was pulled up out of that frosty silver canister. Peppermint stick ice cream was such a huge favorite that it was ubiquitous. You simply could not have a summertime picnic without homemade peppermint ice cream.

                              Inexplicably to me, Blue Bell's idea of the perfect season for peppermint stick ice cream is Christmastime. Don't they know that all peppermint sticks are NOT peppermint Christmas candy canes?

                              Now, I wouldn't argue with them about the Christmastime thing if they wouldn't argue with me about the summertime picnic thing.

                              Seriously, Blue Bell...is twice a year really too often?