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Aug 11, 2012 04:56 PM

Maison Keyser pn the UES: any reports?

I know it just opened wednesday but I am sure some hound has checked it out...

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    1. re: Riverman500

      Agree with you about the delicious coffee tart! Stopped into the cafe with my sister for a snack before my birthday dinner at Bouley. It was late in the afternoon, and it turned out the many of the pastries were already sold out. I had originally wanted the tiramisu that the waiter said was great, but when he returned to let me know that they had no more tiramisu, I chose the coffee tart. The coffee tart was wonderful. Lovely flavor with a beautiful dollop of coffee cream. If the tiramisu is better, that must be one amazing tiramisu. The cappuccino was excellent too--froth all the way to the bottom of the cup and no sweetener was needed. Stopped at the bakery on the way out; bought a plain croissant, a pain au chocolat and the white chocolate brioche. Unfortunately I didn't have a chance to try any of the three before I left for dinner at Bouley, and I was too full to try them when I got home. Neither the croissant nor the pain au chocolat held up over night--both became soggy, and I'll need to try them again fresh. The white chocolate brioche was delicious. Definitely will return for that and the coffee tart!

      1. re: ellenost

        The apricot pistachio tart is good too.

    2. Small item, it's actually Maison KAYSER...I was in the day after it opened because it is my go-to breakfast place in Paris. I got a semolina walnut bread, which was excellent. Hoping they will have my favorite from Paris: semolina chock full of hazelnuts and prunes! Nice servers and attractive, roomy cafe space.

      1. Went this afternoon, was a bit of a madhouse. Olive bread and white chocolate brioche were amazing, croissant and whole wheat bread were good but not amazing. Brought a coffee tart home for tonight, will report after we try it. We couldn't order sandwiches or quiche at the takeout counter.

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        1. re: The Cookbook Addict

          i was also there this afternoon around 5:30 and took home two chocolate pastries. i can't recall the name of either, but one was a small pound cake and the other a flat, round, chewy chocolate brownie-like cake. both were terribly disappointing to the point where we didn't finish the pound cake. it was so dry and lacked any delicacy.

          1. re: coasts

            Coffee tart was gooey and yummy but had a cookie crust that was nothing special. Very curious to hear what people think about the baguette...

          2. re: The Cookbook Addict

            Was there today around 5 as well. Picked up their baguette which is really ancienne baguette, probably one of the better ones in NYC, and their apricot tarts.

          3. The food was really good (had the roast beef tartine) and loved the bread basket, but the pastries were just ok.

            I also had the fondant chocolate, the round, chewy chocolate brownie-like cake that "coasts" had and I didn't like it at all and didn't finish it.

            I'll have to go back for the croissants and see how that is.

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            1. re: OhHowCivilized

              Rye bread may not be the traditional NY style, but it is some of the best rye I've ever sampled.
              GREAT addition to the area!!

            2. Had the turmeric/hazelnut/walnut bread last week...simply wonderful!

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              1. re: City Kid

                After reading your post I bought the bread yesterday and I agree. Simply wonderful but pricey

                1. re: smarty

                  What is the price for a baguette, preferably malesherbes if they name them. In Paris Kayser has @ 6 different baguettes and the price is @ 1.10 euros or $ 1.35

                  1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                    Baguettes are $2.75, and they have one kind (baguette Monge).

                  2. re: smarty

                    Agree, Smarty, they are not cheap in Paris either, but at least it's top quality with the best ingredients -- "artisanal" bread at the supermarket is expensive. BTW: I sliced and froze the leftovers from my 2 Kayser nut breads, toasted them and ate with goat cheese for breakfast. Even better the second time around.

                  3. re: City Kid

                    I bought one earlier today- WOW. Entire hazelnuts and the most smooth and buttery soft interior..... Cravable.