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Aug 11, 2012 04:02 PM

ISO paleta molds

Any suggestions to locally find paleta - Mexican ice pop - molds? They are really just large Popsicle molds but i haven't seen any that large around.


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  1. I saw your post and while I can't give you any advice about the B.C. area, I can let you know about these on Amazon...

    I use them to make paletas and they are pretty big. Hope that helps.

    1. i am not sure what LARGE means relative to just the usual popsicle-at-home molds - but i just saw some in Howe Hardware that seemed to look like the wider-flat version that i get when i google "paleta mold"
      ... they were about 4 bux for 6 i thk --- but i am not sure if one could count on them for being BPA (that current plastic poison) free

      also - for those who want shape variation and a product that claims to be BPA free - i bought some Cuisipro SAIL BOAT shape popsicle molds the other day at a kitchen store --- the frozen part is the sail, the hull n keel are the handle. Fantastic = i paid about 11 dollars for 6 molds --- and i see on Amazon that it's way more (as of yesterday)

      i wouldn't be surprised if Whole Foods (i know we all call it a diff name) has some cute popsicle mold (or better yet at New Seasons- or for deep discount at Grocery Outlet for all the people on the Van BC board here who go to PDX) in their respective gift impulse dept en route to the cash line