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Sep 30, 2004 04:06 PM

lunch in San Juan Capistrano

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Please make suggestions that are in walking distance from your Amtrak station and your (newly renovated) Mission. Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!

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  1. For classic Mexican, there's El Adobe, a San Juan landmark.
    It's on El Camino Real, just up from the station, south of the mission.

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      Professor Salt

      Ramos House for brunch.

      SJC is in Orange County, which for chowhound purposes is considered part of greater Los Angeles. You might try reposting on the LA board, and you'll get more responses.


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        judy stenberg

        thanks for the suggestion

      2. Sun Dried Tomato Cafe or Cedar Creek Lodge. Both have outdoor seating, although Cedar Creek's is larger. Food at both is good to very good, depending on what you get. Sun Dried Tomato is a small chain of 2 restaurants, the other is Laguna Beach. Cedar Creek is a slightly larger chain. Both are open for lunch or dinner. Cedar Creek has Sunday brunch I believe.

        Ramos House cafe has a stellar reputation. Somewhat limited menu. Only outdoor seating so if the weather is cool or moist it's best to go to one of the above. Picky eaters might not find something to their liking because the food combinations are very unique. This is also what makes it special.

        Sun Dried Tomato Cafe

        Cedar Creek

        Ramos House Cafe

        1. Sundried Tomato and The Ramos House are awesome!

          1. I had a fresh, Mediterranean meal with wonderful flavor and wine at the Sundried Tomato Cafe in San Juan Capistrano. I've been to the other location in Laguna, but this one has a good chef as well. The food was quite good, and the interior is crisp and fresh. You can read about my experience with photos at my site...