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Aug 11, 2012 03:28 PM

A short rib question.

Hey, Do you think that adding a little bit of 72% Cocoa bar to the braising liquid of short rib would be good? Also what do you think about coconut milk?

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  1. I don't like the idea of the coconut milk, I don't think it will help the flavoring. Red wine is the way to go. Why would you want to put in a little bit of a candy bar? I don't think it will hurt, I'm just curious as to what flavor direction you want the ribs to go.

    1. "a little bit of 72% Cocoa bar" is a bit vague. How much is "a little bit"? 72% chocolate is quite intense. Are you considering using sweetened, semi-sweet or unsweetened chocolate?
      Chocolate is a fairly common ingredient in preparing ribs but it's usually added, shaved and/or powdered, as an ingredient to the finishing sauce and not the braise per se. Then it's balanced with a dry red wine (my preference would be Cabernet Sauvignon) to round out the flavors.
      The coconut milk would, I believe, lean in the direction of a Moroccan cuisine and would probably need a bit of curry in there somewhere. Personally, I'm not a big fan of coconut in anything that is not classified as a dessert so I'm not truly objective enough to make a recommendation in that regard.

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        Well I was thinking about shaving one ounce in the braising liquid. I only make two short ribs at a time braising in bbq sauce.

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          I see no advantage in using chocolate in the braising liquid as the chocolate element in the recipe is unlikely to contribute anything more in the length of time it takes for the braise than it would added to the sauce at the end of the process. If, heaven forbid, the chocolate became a dominant influence in the flavor profile of your creation, it might be possible to ruin the dish because you could overpower the flavors of the meat itself. Kinda like a chocolate bar on bones. Ugh ...........

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            Thank you I think I what i want to do now.

      2. I would try it. Sometimes I use cocoa powder in stuff like that, just a bit, and it helps to "deepen" the flavor.
        Someone else tried a recipe that had beef braised with coconut milk... they were asking about a reduction. found it, they used it in short ribs!
        Not sure that I would try two new things, maybe just one at a time.

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        1. NOT a short rib expert. A million years ago, go sent back to college with 2 lb of frozwen short ribs, a BIG onion and bel pepper and a BIG can of tomato something. Browned meat in limitied kitchen equipment... one of 2 kitchens shared by 8 people... upstairs and down. After several hours of cooking in oven... room mate and I (and a few select few) ate like queens!!

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            I'm in the exact same situation! Hahaha

          2. Here's a great recipe and short ribs will work fine. I dont think the tamarind is essential, I add about 1/2 can of coconut milk extra.