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Aug 11, 2012 03:20 PM

restaurants in whitefield,nh and woodstock,vt

Husband and I are going to mountain view grand resort in Whitefield,NH and to Woodstock inn in woodstock, vt. How are the restaurants at these places? Any other recommendations?

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  1. Never tried the Mountain View, but one of the best restaurants in the area in my opinion is Bailiwicks in Littleton NH.


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      Thanks. The menu looks good and it certainly is less expensive tnan Mountain View. We are there for 3 nights so we have time for a few restauranits

    2. Any additional recommendations? Need a place for dinner around 7PM this Friday after driving up from Boston

      Also need breakfast options for Saturday and Sunday AM.


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        You can try Rosa Flamingos in Bethlaham.

        For breakfat you can try P&H Truck Stop in Wells River, VT right off I-91 (on the way to Woodstock)

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          Rosa looks great! We're actually going to be in Whitefield (I should have been more specific) so need b'fast a bit closer

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            It was hot as hell inside Rosa's on Friday -- we hoped a bit cooler than out on the patio. Shoulda ate outside as the AC could not keep up.

            Food was very good and plentiful. Left too much behind but had no fridge to take it to. Thanks for the recommendation!

      2. If you are venturing into the Littleton/Bethlehem area (Rte 302) I would second Balliwicks and add Chang Thai.

        More old school and heavier than those two, but still good, is the Riverview Restaurant at the Wayside Inn, Bethlehem. Lunch and bfast wrap, coffee and snacks are good at the Maia Papaya, also Bethlehem.

        1. We had lunch at Mountain View and it was excellent. Haven't been there for dinner.

          1. There is nothing in Whitefield except the Mountain View Grand. Bethlehem and Littleton are your best bets. We enjoyed this place: http://www.coldmountaincafe.com/
            The Littleton Diner is your typical, small town diner - hit or miss, get the burger. There is (or was) a great bookstore in Littleton, not sure if it's still there.