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Aug 11, 2012 02:56 PM

Indonesian Rijstafel in Los Angeles?

Are there any places in the LA area that serve an Indonesian Rijstafel (Rice Table)?

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      1. re: TravelScholar

        It's a moderately priced place. You can see a photo of their rijstaffel here on the Los Angeles Yelp page:

        1. re: Servorg

          Menu gives two rijstafel options, one in the low $30s, one in the high -- priced for two people.

            1. re: nosh

              They have rijstaffel and they also offer "dinner sets" which are priced higher. I think you are quoting the dinner sets prices. Menupages shows the rijstaffel as:

              1. Rijsttafel - per person (minimum of 2 persons) 25.95
              soup, salad and appetizers: soto ayam gado gado. pangsit goreng krupuk udang and rompeyek
              main course: rending, satay, ayam, bakmi goreng special, ayam bumbu rujak, sambal goreng tahu bunes, ayam kare, tempe goreng and acar
              dessert: ice cendol

              The question is how up to date menupages prices are? I think if the OP wants to know the very latest pricing then a phone call will solve that question with accurate information.

      2. Ramayani does have rijstafel, but it's not any good! My Indonesian bff warned me not to go there, but I was curious to try it anyway. He was right. SO much mediocre food for a high price.

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        1. re: junglekitte

          We dropped in there one afternoon, famished after a few hours at the Hammer, and found it quite good and not as pretentious as the decor. If it can't maintain that level of goodness when cooking large, that's really disappointing.

        2. OK, I want to try Ramayani or Simpang Asia for lunch. Solo. I like spicy, and I dislike tofu and hardboiled egg (scrambled ok). I like bargains. Which should I go to, and which dish is the most recommended?

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          1. re: nosh

            The Mie Tek Tek noodles at Simpang Asia are great - chicken, scrambled egg, noodles all in a brown sauce. It's my favorite dish there. Some crunchy bok-choy-type greens too.

            I'd also recommend their kroket — ground chicken & spices inside fried mashed potato.

            1. re: hhewitt

              I need to try that kroket. The potato balls at Porto's are among my favorites -- are these similar?

              1. re: nosh

                They are kind of similar... although personally, I prefer Simpang Asia's.

                I can't describe the differences between Porto's and Simpang's. The spices are certainly different, and I think Simpang's are ground chicken while Porto's are ground beef. Simpang's might be a little bigger too.