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Aug 11, 2012 02:41 PM

Timing for Pork Tenderloin on the Grill

Hi All :
It's a beautiful day and I have my potato salad and my orange salad
and my peach bars ready to go.
Got my nice crusty bread and my Romaine for salad.

I bought a nice double pack of pork tenderloin at Sam's this morning
and was planning to grill them on my gas grill a'la America's Test Kitchen
(brine one hour, dry off and coat with a homemade rub) and then grill.

The recipe calls for two 12-16 ounce Pork Tenderloins.
For gas grill, you grill about a total of 10 minutes, with lid down, turning as it browns.

It just says to adjust time for larger cuts of meat.

Well, huh.

My two pieces of pork total a wee bit under 5 pounds, so I figure
about 2 1/2 pounds each.

Is there going to be a significantly longer cook time here?
It also says to grill with all burners running on high.

So I thought I would see if any Hounds are around and feel like
helping me along with this one !
Just want to get an estimated time for dinner going.
The sons are anticipating tonight's preseason football game !!!

Thanks !!!

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  1. I apologize in advance since I have a charcoal grill. But what you want is indirect heat ultimately. I sear mine first on med-hi direct heat about four minutes on each of four sides. Then it gets another ten to twelve minutes on indirect heat, covered if on grill. So it's a total of about 26-28 minutes. Plus resting time.

    1. Based on the size; I think you have boneless pork loin, not pork tenderloin. Different parts of the pig.

      Indirect, over a foil pan (not in the foil pan) with some liquid (water, wine, combo), 350-375 until ~140 (turn and check temp ~30 min), remove, tent, and let rest. Taste the liquid in the pan, it may be useable in a sauce.

      If you want to cook it in the pan, direct heat to brown all sides, then add some root veggies, then go indirect.

      1. A pork tenderloin is about the trickiest thing there is to cook properly on the grill. I don't want pork to be too rare but it can't be over cooked or it will dry out. This is one of the few times I deploy my meat thermometer.

        Are you sure they are tenderloins and not loin roasts? I have never seen a tenderloin that big but no doubt a big ol' hog would have them.

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        1. re: kengk

          Oh, hey thanks y'all for the suggestions.
          I feel a bit silly right now, I mixed up the brine and opened the
          packages and lo and behold, TWO long skinny pork whatevers per package.
          So I have four total little "roasts" and it's likely they fit the criteria of the recipe.
          I think the 10 minutes total will work.
          YUM to everybody's suggestions and THANK YOU !!!

          1. re: oooYUM

            I can't help with the gas grill questions as we have charcoal but I agree with the previous posts regarding indirect heat and not over cooking it. You can also tie the two pork loins together to make one larger piece. We do this a lot.

        2. Back to report... :-)

          The pork was succulent and delicious and a great success with the family!!!
          I cooked it on a hot grill, turning to brown all sides,
          for the 10 minutes and then tested it with a meat thermometer.
          It was about 122
          I then turned the heat down just a bit and closed the grill,
          letting it cook in increments of 5 minutes or so until I got 145 on the medium sized of the four.
          I let them rest for about 5 - 8 minutes or so on the cutting board...

          They were juicy and wonderful. The thickest of the four were just
          slightly rosy in the very middle, faintly pink.
          The rub, made with freshly ground coriander, was fragrant and
          smelled so very appetizing. That got a huge Thumbs Up from the crowd.

          I am happy they turned out just as I had hoped, and I appreciate
          all the suggestions !!!
          Thank you !

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          1. re: oooYUM

            Very nice. If you had any leftovers its really good cold on a sandwich.

            1. re: oooYUM

              Sounds perfect, good job! Enjoy your leftovers!