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Aug 11, 2012 02:23 PM

Pickled Beets, waaay cool method.

Its time to pickle beets for all my beet pickle addicted friends. Used to be a serious steam scenario as beets were boiled and then trimmed and skinned. No longer: I have a portable electric oven that now sits on the patio table hooked up to the lawn mower extension cord. The beets are happily steam roasting for about 90 minutes (half a bushel). Kitchen is cool for cleaning and trimming and bottling the beets. Completed jars are processed in the oven. NO more steamy summer sessions! The current half bushel is #6.

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  1. Absolutely love the idea of steaming them! I hate wrestling all of that boiling purple water!

    I water-bath process all of my summer items outside on a 3-burner Camp Chef stove, usually in the cool evening. It will hold two 7-quart canners which come to a rolling boil in a very short time, compared to a regular stovetop.

    Oven processing can result in food poisoning---the center of the jar doesn't always get hot enough. Read on.....

    Pickled products usually have enough acid in them so that botulism can't grow, but there are all sorts of other bacteria that can make the jars explode or make you sick if you don't heat the contents through properly. The boiling water method + correct processing time are the only sure bet.

    I use allspice berries in my pickled beets.....divine!

    1. Unless you want to make beet wine.... my grandma did that with the leftover beet juice from cooking them! :)

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        Beet wine sounds yummy. Think I might see if I can find a recipe. Thanks, wyogal.

      2. Just about the easiest and most forgiving vegetable to pickle. I boil them though, cover them while hot and the peeling is easy after. Rubber gloves are a must. I have not had success roasting beets.