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Maple sugar

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Has anyone tried subbing out table sugar (sucrose) with maple sugar in any recipes? Trader Joe's Fearless Flyer says it is twice as sweet as sugar. Does that mean I should use half as much (for, say, Chow's intense brownie recipe)? I enjoy cooking but I am an amateur baker.


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  1. Remember that sugar is consider a liquid when baking so just leaving half of the volume out would probably not have a good result.

    here is a search done on this site with lots of results

    remember the search tool

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      I actually tried the search tool first. Apparently I am unskilled at that as well :-) Thanks for your help.

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        You have to expand the search time. All the options appear in the menu at the top of the page when you get your search results. I think the default is 1 year.
        We all learn stuff on Chowhound ( - ;

    2. I would hesitate to use maple sugar in place of regular sugar for several reasons. First, although I LOVE maple, it doesn't belong in everything - the flavor of maple sugar is quite intense. Second, it's INCREDIBLY expensive in comparison to white sugar. I wouldn't worry about the sweetness level so much, since you can always taste and adjust, but unless I were making a specifically maple recipe I would not use maple sugar.

      1. I think the information you got from Trader Joe's needs some tweaking. Maple sugar is 90% sucrose, with the remaining ten percent mainly as fructose. Fructose tastes somewhat sweeter, but I would question whether maple sugar would taste twice as sweet as straight fructose. I would suggest you taste equal amounts of each and then decide.

        1. I would sub them equally, but I would do it by *weight* rather than volume. Different sugars can pack very differently, depending on fluffiness and/or grain size.

          1. I use palm sugar for all of my baking. To my palate, it tastes pretty close to maple sugar, but is a fraction of the cost ($2/lb) and is very low on the glycemic index.

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              I don't know know that I've ever tasted palm sugar straight - I'll have to give it a try. I adore maple flavor but maple sugar is just painfully expensive.