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Eggplant parm from market/deli

Usually get eggplant parm @de cicco's , it looks very good but is only ok. Does anyone know of better in westchester. Not looking for a wedge, but portions that can be heated at home

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  1. at Park Deli in Port Chester you can buy the breaded prepared eggplant and add your own sauce and cheese-- it's like homemade with no fuss

    1. Cerbone's on 119 in the Kmart shopping center is awesome.
      They do small and large trays so you should be all set

      1. I really like the eggplant parmesan in the steam trays at Turco's. They also have them in a refrigerated case for reheating, but I'm not sure if they are made the same way. If you get them from the steam trays, you can put them into the same sort of heavy duty plastic containers as is used for refrigerated items.

        1. I thought that the eggplant parm was very good at Tarry Market. Better than most, for sure.

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            I had it from Tarry Market the other day and it was only decent, but not very good. I found it dry, with hardly any cheese or sauce.

          2. Tuscany Cafe on Central Ave (almost at 119) has very good eggplant parm. It's not exceedingly greasy, like a lot of eggplant parm. I thought it could use a bit more salt, but easier to add a bit than take it away! Big portion size too.

            1. The eggplant parm at Tarry Lodge is fabulous, esp if you ask them to make it crispy. ( I LOVE crispy) I do enjoy both the breaded eggplant make-it-yourself option at Park Deli and the pre-prepared eggplant parm that they have available. i spent the past 9 months eating eggplant parm as it was my go-to dish while pregnant...I may be a little over it now, but recently ordered it out at Tarry. Can't be beat.

              1. I would stay away from it at Stew Leonards... I had it a few weeks ago and it was very heavy and greasy.

                1. I like Tarry Market's eggplant parm too but I personally think the eggplant parm from Stagioni in Ardsley is better. It is across the parking lot from Riviera Bakehouse. I have not been there in over a year so I don't know if they have kept up the quality. http://www.stagionipizza.com/

                  1. A & S Pork Store / Italian deli in Yonkers has it. I haven't tried it yet. I have been meaning to for years. Maybe I will today. I've been craving it for a few days.

                    Zuccarelli's Deli in Eastchester has it as well.

                    I think Fairway Market in Pelham has it too.

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                      A & S in Millwood makes it fresh everyday...I am a big fan!

                    2. Another vote for Park Deli in Port Chester. I really don't care for eggplant, but there's is excellent. Whenever I have them cater a party, eggplant rollatini is always top of the list.

                      1. I love eggplant parm and so does my best friend so after reading this thread we went to Tarry Lodge last night to try theirs. HUGE disappointment. Thin, crispy yes -- but VERY salty and generally unappealing. Not a lot of eggplant flavor. (Service was also bad BTW.) If you are looking for an eggplant parm to go, I've gotten pretty good at Villagio in Pelham, also Mario's in New Rochelle -- both pizzerias and both about $10-$13. I've also recently had a very good eggplant parm at Piccolo Mulino in Mamaroneck -- $18 on dinner menu, but very large portion. Tarry Lodge's was $19. I agree about DeCicco's, but would take it over Tarry Lodge!

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                          Thanks for the info but the question was eggplant parm at market or deli, not restaurants/ pizzeria

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                            You're right, although I guess I was responding to others who mentioned them. I would be interested in learning about where to go for good eggplant parm anywhere myself. Thanks..

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                              Actually, what was mentioned was Tarry Market, not Tarry Lodge.

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                            Tarry Lodge was not where the good eggplant parm is. they said Tarry Market.

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                              Ohhh, that explains it. My mistake. Thanks.

                          3. I also vote for Park Deli in Port Chester. The best eggplant parm on a roll, bar none (including my mother's and that's saying something).