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Aug 11, 2012 10:50 AM

Yellow Mustard Seeds - inexpensive source?

I am looking for a good, inexpensive (can those words be put together?!) source. Does anyone have one? Any area welcome. TIA!

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  1. I suggest you try looking in Indian groceries, which usually carry bulk spices. These are pretty common now in any metropolitan area.

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    1. re: GH1618

      Thank you! I was thinking about trekking to Artesia, so it will happen a little sooner.

      1. re: WildSwede

        I live in Altadena, and there are two fairly well stocked Indian grocery stores close by.
        India Sweets and Spices
        1208 E Huntington Dr., # A
        Duarte, CA 91010
        (626) 357-6899

        This is near the Target. Mountain Ave. exit from 210.

        The other one is even closer:
        Bhanu's Indian Grocery and Cuisine
        7246 Rosemead Blvd.
        San Gabriel CA, 91775
        This is at the intersection of Rosemead and Huntington, next to Trader Joe's.

        1. re: suvro

          Hah! I was just in Bhanu's eating last week, but did not decide I needed mustard seeds until Saturday morning. Thanks for the reminder!

          1. re: WildSwede

            I went to Bhanu and found the seeds: 7 oz for $1.99 and 14 oz for $2.99. I bought the larger size. Thank you everyone!

            1. re: WildSwede

              What are you making with it?
              Momofuku's pickled yellow mustard seeds is a good use for this - see

              1. re: suvro

                Had a dry run this past weekend to see if it was worth making mustard for Chrismas gifts this year and it is. Thanks for the recipe - looks good! ;-)

      2. re: GH1618

        India Sweets and Spices is where I get mine. They also have other colors, sell in bulk, and have a lovely cafeteria style lunch counter. I use the Northridge store,, but they have a lot of other locations. They also have fresh curry leaves, but you have to ask.

      3. i'd try samosa house on washington

        11510 W Washington Blvd
        Culver City, CA 90066

        1. Indian grocers are the best source. If that means taking a long drive, check also at any nearby health food stores. Many of them sell bulk spices.

          1. I just bought a large container of it from Surfas for about $7 roughly a quart I think which will last me a long time.

            1. LAX C market in chinatown has large jars of mustard seeds fairly cheap.