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Aug 11, 2012 10:40 AM

Glestain kitchen knives sold in Canada

Does any one know if Glestain Japanese kitchen knives are sold in Canada? Preferably by a Toronto shop or e-shop?

I know of a few shops in the US to buy from. But if I can order from a Canadian retailer even better. I'm living in the US now till early next year. But prefer not to have to carry home too many knives.

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  1. is beginning to carry Glestain.

    1. What about buying online from JapaneseChefsknife. JapaneseChefsknife is an extremely well know and reputable knife store. Its shipping fee is very reasonable ($7) for any numbers of knives. It is also very quick. I have bought many knives online through Japanese e-store and American e-store. Japanesechefsknife has never shipped its knives slower than US e-stores. I usually get the knives in 2-3 days.

      Good luck.

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        CK - sometimes nice to support the local Canadian shops. PaulsFinest, etc. They don't carry Glestain though.

        1. re: bennyblanco

          <sometimes nice to support the local Canadian shops>

          I agree. The original poster, however, did not indicate this as one of the concerns, and only said that he does not want to buy from US because he does not want to carry too many knives with him.