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Aug 11, 2012 10:02 AM

South to Chatham or North to Wellfleet from S. Orleans for dinner?

Which direction has the least traffic on a Saturday evening from Orleans? We will arrive at our rental on Saturday afternoon from Providence, RI, and thought we would go out to dinner that evening, rather than trying to organize a meal at home the first night. Dinner on the earlier side, we will have our 9 y.o. DS, so something fairly simple...but he doesn't do pizza or fish...

We hope to have a babysitter for one night (!), courtesy of my cousin, any suggestions for an adult only meal for DH and I? We don't mind driving a bit. Thought of Abba, or Vincent's as per reviews here...

And lastly, we are going to attempt a concert on Nauset beach with another family. Better to eat ahead, picnic there, or any suggestions for take out to pick up on the way there from S. orleans? I don't know if the snack bar stays open later on concert evenings...if so kids ages 5 to 10, are probably happiest with hot dogs or chicken nuggets, ..

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  1. I wouldn't base your decision on traffic. Saturday night on season will have quite heavy traffic in every direction. So base your decision on the type of food and experience you are looking for. There's a few recent threads regarding both Chatham and Welfleet, so perhaps you can start there, and then return here with specific questions. The nice folks who just participated in those threads aren't likely to repeat their efforts so soon on an open ended question, but will gladly answer specifics if you do a bit of homework. That said, both Abba and Vincent's are excellent, albeit very different choices. As are 28 Atlantic and The Ocean House.

    Can't answer your concert question. Sorry.

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      Thanks CCG. I have actually organized a whole list to be posted shortly, which is why I was wondering if there was a certain directional flow to the traffic.

      I will take all your adult selections and see which menu appeals to us.