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Aug 11, 2012 08:22 AM

Where can you find dried fava beans?

My local Whole Foods use to carry this product but said the interest was very low so it was discontinued. I'm searching for another source and would prefer not to have buy online, any information would be appreciated.



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  1. any of the armenian/middle eastern markets in watertown.

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      I know a few but forget the street most are on, can you supply that and thanks!

      1. re: lovinlettuce

        Arax, Sevan, & Massis are all in the 500/600ish blocks of Mt. Auburn Street. I'm pretty sure that Arax has them. I know they had fresh favas earlier in the summer and have a large selection of dried beans/legumes of all sorts.

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            If its more convenient, Portuguese grocers in Cambridge also sell it in "bulk" -- you can get bags including possibly baby favas at Courthouse Seafood (they do have baby favas frozen), as do some Italian green grocers (Roberto's and New Deal respectively in Medford and Revere are good bets. Probably available but a bit more expensive at Sessa's and Bob's in Somerville and Medford).

            Goya offers it too, which opens up a number of Stop and Shop, Market Basket, and Johnnie Foodmaster locations. The Somerville Stop & Shop and Market Basket may carry Goncalves brand in their Portuguese sections which is better.

            Also available fried for a snack in East Cambridge at convenience stores, the Snack Bar, Martin Brothers... and in larger quantities at Bob's Food store and J Pace but not as crispy and less seasoned.

    2. Many a Stop & Shop and Shaw's has a small Portuguese foods section in the "International" aisle. The ones that do almost always carry dried favas. The South Bay Stop & Shop is one such.

      1. I have also seen them at Russo's.

        1. Plus Bob's Pita Bakery and Roslindale Fish Market

          1. In the "International" aisles in the supermarkets, looks for Gonsalves Portuguese products--you should be able to easily find fava beans in all sorts of configurations. If not, a Portuguese grocer in Cambridge or Somerville will likely have what you want.