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Aug 11, 2012 08:06 AM

favorite restaurants in Addison

We rarely go to Addison anymore but when we lived near there we ate at Houston's all the time. I have been wanting to try Kenny's it better then Houston's? Any other suggestions for good food in Addison. Thanks.

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  1. I like the Blue Goose Cantina for brisket tacos and tortilla soup, and Nates for crawfish and bread pudding. Less pricey than Houstons, but Houstons is very good.

    1. I occasionally enjoy lunch at tried and true Lawry's.

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      1. re: CocoaNut

        Nate's Seafood and Lefty's Chowder House are 2 of my favorites.

        1. re: head

          We like Lefty's as well. The lobsters are great and the service is excellent. But, we stopped going a while back because they're still not "smoke free".

          We like Nate's too. Once you get past the smokers in the bar. Their fried pickles are a hoot!

          Love Houston's, too. My personal favorite!

      2. Kenny's Grill absolutely not better than Houstons.
        In Addison my votes are for Blue Mesa for Brunch, the
        Claypit for Indian, and what I think is still the
        Best Tex Mex ( especially for chips, salsa, and
        Killer Margaritas) El Fenix.

        Otherwise I'd say Houston's is still
        your best bet.

        1. We like Remington's for seafood. They do an excellent job.

          1. Kenny's Italian Kitchen for their killer meatballs.
            Gloria's for their wonderful food and Meltdown Margaritas...oh my!
            Houston's is always a go to in Addison.
            Yep...those three are favs.