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Aug 11, 2012 06:02 AM

Puerini's in Newport, RI

We dined here after my partner has dined here several times over the years. He has always enjoyed his meals here. We started out with the pesto bread which consisted of 2 pieces about 6" in length for $5.95. It was good. We both ordered the pasta with bolognese sauce. It was good, not great but good but I was surprised how small the portion was. I am not a big eater by no means at all, I usually am able to only eat half a meal and I bring the rest home. I was able to eat the entire portion. In my opinion bolognese is a very thick meaty sauce and this was lacking meat and not a thick hearty sauce at all. This was priced at $18.95. It was alot of money for the portion size. I know times are tough and food costs have risen but come on????? Another thing that caught my eye is that no bread is brought to any tables at all. Granted we ordered bread as an appetizer but we noticed no other table received any bread. The deseert menu was very poor, the only choices seemed like tartufo,ice cream and cream, ice cream and ice cream? There was one chocolate cake at $10 bucks per slice(what?) and something else I cannot remember. We decided to find a real ice cream place on the way home back to CT and actually found a place in RI called Brickley's ice cream in Wakefield which was excellent. I don't think we will be running back here any time soon.

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  1. Next time go to the restaurant right next door called Sardellas. It's better. You get bread up front, bigger portions and the food is good. It's slightly cheaper. It's weird the 2 places are next to each other and they both, I believe, have banners that say they've won local awards. I don't think Sardellas is the best of the best by any means but what you are looking for in a meal is probably there and it's solid. Also outdoor eating.

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      After you try Sardella's, which is very good, take a drive down Thames and try Mama Luisa's which is even better.

    2. I also found the prices to be really high the last time I went. the food is good and they do make their own pasta, but a little pricey. I think it has to do with the convenient location. Sardellas would be cheaper but their quality is iffy. If you come to Newport and want authentic Italian (and at a very reasonable price) it has to be Mamma Luisa's. It's our favorite restaurant in town. Excellent!

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        We have not been to Mama Louisa for awhile but were always fans. We went recently and did not think it was as good as we remembered it. We always thought Restaurant Luccia was good.