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Aug 11, 2012 04:13 AM

Flying into Hobby and spending a few days in High Island / Bolivar Peninsula

So I am going to be landing into Hobby a little before lunch and will be traveling to, and staying in, High Island / Bolivar Peninsula for a few days. Is there anything amazing to eat for lunch along the way from Hobby to High Island? And it there anything amazing near High Island? I am willing to drive a little from High Island. We will literally eat any genre of food and we are going casual with two toddlers, so we aren't able to hit anything too fancy.


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  1. T-Bone Tom's in Kemah and Gilhooley's in San Leon are two amazing places in the general vicinity. Come to think of it though, there is a strict "no children" policy at Gilhooley's so don't make that treck. T-Bone Tom's is terrific and casual.

    There really is not a lot around Hobby. There is a Pappasito's in Clear Lake on the freeway serving decent Tex-Mex. There's also a Pappa's Seafood House there. Same family, if you are not familiar with Texas chains.

    1. Stingaree in Gilchrist

      Since you’re willing to drive (and will have to), Al-T’s in Winnie - up the peninsula as far as you can go then north to I-10.

      For ice cream treats and candy (all made on premises), La King’s Confectionary on the Strand

      For a Galveston original, the Bronco burrito at La Estacion or the Donut Shoppe (on Bdwy @ 49th) - a huge breakfast burrito invented at the Donut Shoppe..

      There are several Galveston specialists who show up here from time to time and will be better able to comment on what’s good there - there are also several Galveston threads.

      As far as on the way down (or if you find it desirable to come back on the mainland for dining), long time Houston food writer Alison Cook just named Korean BBQ in Webster as the only Korean restaurant (out of many in the area) on her ‘100 best’ list; I’ve got it on my list to try someday.

      I like Floyd’s Cajun boat, also in Webster, right on 45.

      There are a couple of CLC area specialists who show up from time to time, too, and former threads discussing what’s good on the mainland but close to Galveston.

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        Please dont send them to Al-Ts - a long ride and they will be disappointed. There are SO many better places to eat in CLC, Galveston and on the way.

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          I second brucesw, Stingaree is the best on the Peninsula, get the crabs, but allow extra tme because they take a bit of time to eat. I also like Benno's on the Seawall, mainly the grilled oysters. It's very kid friendly. Mario's 61st Street has a really good buffet, at least it did a few years ago, excellent pizza and many dishes not found on ordinary buffets. The Seawall Mario's also has good pizza, much more scenic, again kid friendly. I've heard the buffet is also good, but never had it. If you are staying on Bolivar, you have to deal with ferry, unless you back door it through Winnie. A few words about the ferry, avoid weekends if possible, as the waits can be up to two hours. The kids love it, bring bread to throw off the back of the boat for the seagulls, just watch for poop. You can also ride back and forth, avoiding the wait by parking and walking aboard. TexDot has a wait time on their website.

          The Bolivar Chamber of Commerce also has a phone number on their website for wait times, but I've never tried it.

        2. The majority between Clear Lake and Galveston will be kid friendly.

          Webster/Clear Lake (east of 45)
          Korean BBQ
          Greek Deli
          Angelo's Pizza & Pasta (margherita pizza)
          Masa Sushi
          Mogul's Indian
          Seafood Market
          Fish Place
          Abe's Cajun Kitchen

          League City
          Red River BBQ

          Dickinson on 646 (west side of 45)
          Campo Azul
          Masa Sushi
          Bada Bing Pizza (for pizza)

          Dickinson on 646 ( east side of 45)
          Gumbo Bar

          I still want to try that Bronco Burrito
          Shrimp & Stuff
          Olympia Grill (Harbor Side)
          The Spot
          Mosquito Cafe
          Gorditas (only for Mexican not Tex-Mex)

          btw this stretch of 45 tends to have a lot of speed traps especially past Clear Lake

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          1. re: tlegray

            I would definitely add the original Gumbo Bar to the list in Galveston. The one in Dickinson is good, but I still like the original best. Particularly since they now have expanded and can seat a few more people.

            1. re: swamp

              That is my preferred location too but was thinking it might be tight with two toddlers, but if they've expanded.....