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Aug 11, 2012 01:55 AM

Chowdown Report: We’re on a Roll Trailer @ New England Lobster Co. (South San Francisco)

Friday’s warm and sunny weather forecast prompted an outing to the normally cold and windy picnic spot and We’re on a Roll mobile trailer operated by New England Lobster Company.

Six of us gathered for lunch canal-side to try everything from the short and sweet seafood menu. Prices listed include sales tax.

Lobster corn chowder - $5 per cup or $7 per bowl, served with freshly griddled bread,

or in a San Francisco-style sourdough bread bowl, $8,

This shows the amount of corn niblets and lobster meat in a cup,

Good to the last drop, filling the hollow of the bread bowl,

Fresh Dungeness crab sandwich, $14

Lobster roll, $15.50

I had the lobster roll. How did I like it? When asked to swap for half a crab sandwich, I didn’t miss a beat in saying, “NO”.
Tuesday - Saturday, 11am - 3pm

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Just having tried the uninspired and overcooked lobster roll at French Dipped (the new Fillmore Street location), I found this lobster roll incredibly sweet, well cooked, generous, and satisfying. The New England style roll was properly buttered and toasted, the lobster filling devoid of celery or mayonnaise, and the portion was a good value, with chips and coleslaw.
      The corn and lobster chowder was only a fair soup. The corn tasted like it was canned (a shame during corn season), and there was not a huge lobster flavor.
      Turning this into a sandwich crawl, two of us went on to Bar Tartine to try their new lunch menu. We ordered the langos, a fried potato bread with sour cream, garlic and fresh dill. It was decadent, nicely flavored, rich, and delicious. Even though we were far from hungry after the lobster roll and soup, it was hard to stop eating this.
      Also ordered were a trio of tartine (open faced) sandwiches. The smoked sturgeon, potato and dill sauce with horseradish tasted like a NY Sunday breakfast.
      Smoked eggplant, white bean, olive and smoked tomato tartine was the favorite sandwich, with each element being delectably more smokey than the last.
      The last tartine was the goat cheese with broccoli, onion jam and chili. It was OK, but unremarkable. BiRite does a much better version of this combination, IMO.
      The grainy sprouted rye bread all of the sandwiches were served on was interesting and unusual.
      The crawl then continued on to Salumeria, in the Mission. We sampled the Sausage sandwich on pretzel bread (which turned out to actually be on an Acme baguette). This sandwich was filled with sweet caramelized onions , and flavored with mustard and coriander seeds. I found the sandwich a little too sweet, and the sausage was lacking the snap that I crave in most sausages, but it was a well made sandwich.

      1. re: sfpizzalover

        I admire your lunch crawl, wish I'd had time to join you at Bar Tartine and Salumeria. Now I have the playbook when I get there.

      2. I'm with you on the soup. This was more of a corn chowder than a lobster one, tasting mostly of cream and corn.

        1. re: steve h.

          I'd certainly go back. I haven't had many lobster rolls in these parts, but this is certainly better than Willi's Seafood and Sam's Chowdermobile. Only one option here, a cold version with the barest glaze of mayonnaise and a lot of black pepper. The condiment bar offers up chopped celery, jalapeños, and red onions, as well as mayonnaise and hot sauces, if you need more. I am partial to the buttered version served at Redwood City's Old Port Lobster Shack (OPLS), but liked this one just as much. Till now, I thought I liked celery in my lobster roll, but this changed my mind.

          This trailer is just a skip and a jump from SFO, and would make a fine stop to grab a quick lunch to-go after deplaning. I headed south afterwards, and the southbound entrance to 101 is right by the long term parking garages at the airport.

        2. Thanks to the 'hounds for joining me. While it was bright and sunny, the wind chill factor kept the temperatures down. A good place to be on a day that was hot everywhere else in the Bay Area.

          As the first to arrive, I checked out each of the seating options. The best table was the one next to the logo sign, which provides a wind break, and offers half-sun and half-shade. Most folks drive up, get their order and then eat in their cars or take-off.

          Not much of a view from the table, other than the parking lot and loading dock, but as you can see the fennel is in full bloom with flowers ripe for plucking.

          Here's the side view of the lobster roll to see the butter-grilled, golden-brown toasting. Gorgeous.

          I asked and learned that the truck will sell the New England style buns for a buck apiece if you want to roll your own. Don't know who's baking them but they are high quality.

          1. The truck is not longer at the South San Francisco location. It's available for catering and special appearances announced on twitter.

            And the Eatery is open in Burglingame,