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Aug 10, 2012 09:17 PM

Straits Cafe in Palo Alto has changed to Indo Restaurant and Lounge on sign

Anyone know what's going on here - changed ownership? Saw the sign change the other day...

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  1. I saw the sign this week too. I have been there in over a decade - I remember exactly how bad my last meal there was.

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      me too - served raw chicken! Even tho it was replaced never felt the need to go back.

    2. The ABC license has transferred to a new owner.

      Haven't been to Straits recently enough to tell if the menu is much different. Here's the website for the new place,

      1. Had dinner last night. A group of people who worked with Cafe Straits is in the process of creating a new restaurant. It seems like the menu is similar to Cafe Straits although one of the managers told us that they're going to transition to items that are more Indonesian since the chef is Indonesian. We tried all but one of the items on their Happy Hour menu (everything $5) - the satay sauce was quite good - it's more spicy than traditional peanut sauces. I didn't care for the tuna tartare but my colleagues liked it. We also ordered Basil Spicy Chicken curry which was quite good. I think if they can work out the kinks and have a more focused menu, has promise. Prices are reasonable for Palo Alto though the range is quite large - entrees from $11 to $32. Will try the Indonesian entrees when I go there next.

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          Thanks for filling us in. I like of the idea of grazing the happy hour menu at lower price while things are in flux. And I'm excited about more Indonesian leanings.