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Aug 10, 2012 07:57 PM

Brilliant dinner at Corton

I haven't dined at Corton in about a year and a half. Tonight's dinner was so great that I may become a "regular". Service was friendly and attentive. Bread choices (8 of them) were excellent. Two choices of butter: sweet and a delicious seaweed flavored butter. Both butters were replenished without request. We had the 7 course Summer Tasting menu for $115. Even though when I called the restaurant to ask whether the menu posted on their website was current, the person to whom I spoke said the on-line menu is merely representative, the actual menu matched the on-line menu. Thank goodness since the on-line menu sounded delicious, and it was! We asked to substitute the maple dessert from the 12 course tasting for the listed chocolate dessert since maple is one of my favorite flavors. I loved all of the courses. The only sad part was that there were only 4 tables occupied during our early dinner from 6 - 8. Hope it filled in later. One point to note: Corton imposes a $50 per person cancellation charge for weekend reservations cancelled with less than 48 hours notice. Maybe that is keeping some people away. Maybe the threat of bad storms kept people away, but we lucked out with surprising sunshine! Nice touch is that our captain left a copy of the menu on our table. At the bottom of the menu was a nice note: "Please feel free to take this card home with you"--no need to take notes during dinner. Nice selection of amuses and mignardises. Also a small take home gift. No problem making nice menu adjustments for my sister's "no pork" restriction.

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  1. Glad to read you enjoyed dinner, ellenost. While my second dinner there in June was a bit of a letdown, I agree on the mignardises, especially their huge canelé. I'm interested to see who's going to fill the huge lacuna Shawn Gawle leaves.

    1. I went once back in May, and I was sold. Corton is so awesome. I even got their DVD and I'll watch it before my next visit, hopefully soon.

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        How would you rate it versus Atera/Per Se/EMP as these are dinners I have booked.

        The tasting menu is quite a bit cheaper than Per Se for dinner but EMP does the lunch tasting for $125.

        I have heard many good things about Corton but I guess my question is what is it that makes it different than the others? Thanks

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          I'm having dinner at Atera in two weeks for the first time so I can't compare yet. Corton is much less expensive than either Per Se or EMP for dinner. I'd give the nod for creativity to Corton. Please be aware that Per Se and EMP are among my most favorite restaurants which should give you a good idea how much I enjoyed Corton. Corton is much easier to obtain a reservation than either Per Se or EMP.

      2. sounds great, what is the dress code at Corton?

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