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Aug 10, 2012 07:33 PM

Hatch Chiles 2012

Nob Hill market in Alameda has flyers out today about the hatch chile roasting. The clerk mentioned that they would be roasting this weekend and next weekend. Sorry that the details are sketchy but my brain decided to momentarily go on vacation leaving the rest of me in line at the store. I thought a flyer was in my bag but no.

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  1. Yesterday the produce mgr Nob Hill Alameda told me they weren't going on ad until next Wed (15th) and the roasting would start next weekend.

    1. I checked online for a roasting schedule & couldn't find it:
      Called Fremont store, they told me to call in the AM tomorrow; Newark store said they don't have them yet, & they don't roast at their store.

      Raley's/Nob Hill ad said they will be 89c/lb Mild or Hot grown in New Mexico, The World's Best Green Chile. Available only a short time, so hurry in! Prices start Wed 8/15-Tues 8/21

      I watched a video from Raley's on how to roast it in the oven:

      1. Here's the roasting schedule for Nob Hill/Raley's

        Three Bay Area stores: Petaluma, San Ramon and Alameda have times this week.

        1. Petaluma sold out today. Might get another delivery in the morning, and definitely by Saturday. Also, will be roasting next week. I got a rain check for the sale price.

          1. There was a bunch of Hatch Chiles in the Raley's Newark store. I bought 4 just to try, under $1.
            Raley's Fremont - they didn't get any in when I called Thurs afternoon.