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Aug 10, 2012 06:14 PM

Food sticking to my outdoor grill

My food is sticking to my stainless steel gas grill grates. I have done everything I know of. Cleaning the grates, oiling them, etc, etc, etc! Any ideas?

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  1. Let them get very hot and then oil them, then add the food.

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    1. How soon are you turning the food? Maybe it needs to sit longer.

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      1. re: Philly Ray

        Good point. I was taught that food turns when its ready to turn.

      2. Some food sticking is normal. But, you should be able to turn your food without it pulling apart- yet there will always be some food/sauce residue on the grill when you finish. That is why there are grill brushes...just watch out for this new problem :)

        1. You might be turning your food to early on the grill once it gets a buildup of carbon under it it will release easier and you need to have a very hot BBQ to begin with. Same idea with cooking meats in a pan on the stove, if you put the meat in before the pan is heated it will stick.
          I also use my cast iron frying pan on the grill. It allows me to cook fish in butter for my Dad without the smell in the house. I also use the cast iron pan to make a roasted chicken. It is a great way to avoid the mess on the grills.