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Aug 10, 2012 05:45 PM

Meal Mart frozen Glatt Kosher ground beef

I just had the most unbelievable disgusting experience of my Kosher life. We bought 2 packages of meal mart Kosher ground beef from out local Publix (not implicated here; they are always top drawer! I'm sure we will get a cheerful refund).

The brand usually is kind of funky, smells odd is gray and otherwise not at all appealing when raw, but we eat it, or used to

Not anymore. This package was freezer burned or something; it had a nasty crust, and could be peeled away (maybe). It was the worst offal I have ever seen in ANY ground beef (including my pre-Kosher days with Winn-Dixie ground beef in a tube!

I suggest that either the beef was kept waaay too long in their freezers (no evidence of a date of production code, no wonder, ad a label indicating the beef was from Costa Rica, Canada, USA or Mexico (!!!).

Horrible. I think I will have PTSD after seeing and touching this execrable food like product. Kosher maybe....edible????NOT!

Anybody else have this experience?????

I should have known when I went to their website and saw "Correctional facility" meals as a tab....they feed this to locked up people who have no voice....I'd rather eat pork chops with cheddar cheese (is there such a meal?)

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  1. Having eaten kosher all my life and knowing that Alle is not in it for the mitzvah,I am not surprised.A company who pays its workers half in cash--as widely known--- is not going to care about the consumer---unless they have a gov't recall!!!!

    1. I have also had bad experiences with them but in all fairness, this may not be at all their fault. The distributor of the product might have kept it too long in their freezer without the knowledge of Meal Mart or Publix. I know for a fact that this happens all the time, especially in areas where the turnover is not as quick as in some major markets.

      1. That's just gross. I'm very picky about where I buy ground beef. I'll only buy it from certain butchers and cook it the same day.

        Did you return it to publix? If you havent returned it yet, bring back the packaging. The manager may be able to let the distributor know which batch was bad.

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          Not very fair.... I have had products which were defective from lots of top-tier brands. The probable cause is Publix trying to be obliging and carry products for a small number of very vocal orthodox Jews. When the product does not sell it sits in the freezer for years, through power failures, maintenance breaks, fussy customers holding the door open for 20 minutes while they prod the packages etc. In my local Shoprite (Englewood NJ) the mealmart packages are top notch, in fact they have put the local kosher butchers out of business! In fact I know people whp prefer to buy the prepacked MealMart product in ENglewood rather than the fresh store-packaged product in Paramus Shoprite.

          1. re: EvanM

            I Don't know what's not fair. I have access to good quality fresh ground beef, that's what I buy.

        2. I buy mealmart down here in Broward County, Florida and have not hd any problems
          I purchase items at both Winn-Dixie and Publix
          Have u thought of contacting mealmmart?