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Aug 10, 2012 04:54 PM

Bartolotta question - Pasta for Entree ok?

I am trying to settle on a nice dinner for upcoming Vegas weekend. I adore Italian food and especially pasta. I like seafood, but not necessarily by itself on a plate. To explain it better, if I'm going to spend $50+ on one plate of protein, it's going to be steak. I prefer seafood as an appetizer or as an element in a dish. So what appeals to me most at Bartolotta are the seafood pastas. I would like to pair one with a salad and a dessert (and possibly soup or another app?). But I have a feeling this is not done at Bartolotta, that I would be almost required to order a plate of seafood to eat after my pasta. And perhaps the pasta dishes are very small and thus simply cannot be satisfying as a main course. (Such at Giorgi Baldi in LA if you've been). Also, I don't want to get attitude from the servers because they believe I am being cheap. Advice appreciated.

As for replacement pasta restaurnts, I've been to Scarpetta in LA so that is out, not sure about B&B as it doesn't fare too well here on the boards. Not interested in Nove, am I missing a good alternative?

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  1. I can't speak to Bartolotta, and, like you, I had some doubt about B&B, but we found ourselves there last week when many other restaurants closed on that Monday. We had the seven course whole hog pasta tasting menu paired with wines. Other than a slight miss on the tagliatelle course, we were pleasantly surprised with both the meal and service. In fact, my biggest complaint was only the lack of thought that went into the plating . Also, a pleasant surprise was how well the wines were paired with the courses, one of the better pairings I've had. Two of the courses were quite spicy and not for the faint of heart. As heretic as it might sound, I actually enjoyed my meal at B&B more than my dinner at Scarpetta two months prior.

    1. I assure you that Bartolatta would be accommodating to almost any of your dining arrangements. Even the finest restaurants in Las Vegas have to cater to tourists and conventioneers who don't have the most impeccable manners. If you tell your waiter what you would like, they will make it happen.

      Personally, I am a big fan of Sirio over at Aria. Good luck!

      1. Bartolotta is one of our regular stops in LV, and I will second the advice given previously - you should feel confident ordering any sequence of dishes that appeals to you and trust the wait staff to accomodate your needs. And even if you do sense a bit of attitude from the captain when you order (which is unlikely), rest assured that you probably won't see him again for the rest of the meal.

        Pastas are always the high point of our meals here, and IMO the portions are quite reasonable. Keep in mind that the online menu isn't a very accurate reflection of the restaurant's full menu, since there is an entire section devoted to antipasti that does not appear on the online version. One of these antipasti plus pasta and dessert should be an adequate meal if you're not sitting down with a ravenous appetite.

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