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Aug 10, 2012 04:45 PM

Bachelor Party dinner recs in San Francisco.

Hey all,

Looking for a few recs for a bachelor party dinner in September. About 15 people, early to mid-30's so not really the hard-partying frat-boy scene so we aren't looking for the standard fancy'douchey steakhouse or sushi fusion joints. Perhaps something more middle of the road price range-wise and a little more casual but still interesting and delicious. A fun, hip scene would be ideal as well. Looking in SF proper only. A few thoughts were maybe a gastropub with good food or rustic italian. Maybe an Izakaya? Open cuisine-wise but probably not too keen on Mexican food.


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      I ate here recently and it was very very good. Just -- everything was as described in the menu but perfectly done. I enjoyed the specialty cocktails a lot too -- although the drinks may be getting above what you meant by middle-of-the-road prices (it's probably the kind of thing that is different to everyone).

      1. A little more rambunctious than the what you have mentioned but I know a couple of Bachelor parties that went to Asia SF and had a blast. The food and drink is quite good as well.

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          Thanks for the recs, though I think we are looking more at gastropub or craft cocktail type places...

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            I guess I forgot to include price range, probably between $50-$75 per person including drinks.

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              The problem, really, is that a lot of places in SF cannot cater to groups particularly well but some thoughts:

              Not sure about the accommodating group aspect on these but in terms of what you want:
              Abbot's Cellar (haven't been yet myself)
              Bar Agricole
              Wayfare Tavern

              Reliable group places:
              La Mar

          2. How much are you looking to spend?

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            1. Cotogna if they can seat a party that size.