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Aug 10, 2012 04:26 PM

Fresh Direct produce rating system extremely misleding.

My experience is that fresh direct ratings are fictitious. I have bought many items rated "4 stars" only to find them of very poor quality.On Wednesday, I bought some mini seedless cucumbers rated 4 star and when i opened them they were slimy, spongy and had white fuzzy mold growing on them. I bought 2 heads of lettuce so browned that I had to discard 1/2 of the outer head of each. I feel like I am being lied to and I do not like being tricked .I am only referring to the produce ratings. I like the fish and rely on them to deliver my staples like water which and too heavy to carry home. I actually wonder if they use the ratings to move produce they want to get rid of? I find this policy very dishonest. Yes, they will credit you back but that does not negate the dishonesty they are displaying.

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  1. Never used the service so I don't comment, but here's what I do; Water delivery - I do Whole foods. You pay beforehand at the actual Whole foods, then they deliver it to your door. Anything heavy, I always use Whole foods/Fairway delivery service. In a pinch, I ask Deli guy to come to deliver water. If you live in Manhattan (I don't know any other borough), any deli, Whole foods, Fairway, Food emporium, Morton's, Zaber's etc can do that for you. Just you have to go there initially and make process. Good thing is you pick the stuff ; you wouldn't get disappointed once delivered. So, if you don't like their service, you can try my way. Just my 2cents.

    1. I don't doubt your experience and have certainly had them credit me for inferior items, but my recent experience with featured produce has been excellent, including several of the best melons I have ever eaten and equally spectacular grapes and local corn and strawberries. Never had anything nearly as bad as what you describe.

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        Time to eat my words, but I'd prefer that to eating the shrimp FreshDirect delivered on Sunday. The Red Patagonian shrimp were a special. They didn't smell right when I opened the package but I cooked them briefly: mealy with a definite off taste. I threw away all 2 pounds. The grapes were also a special, past their prime with about one-quarter off the stem. Had one of several melons I ordered, not as good as the Associated. They promptly responded and credited the offending items but the experience definitely gives me pause.

      2. Totally agree with City kid. I've been using fresh direct for 5 years now. The first 1 or 2 years..produce wasn't great. It was ok but I did my shopping for produce elsewhere and bought bulk and staples from FD.
        Now, their produce is wonderful; it has really gotten exponentially better. I haven't had anything bad recently, except for a bunch of basil, of which a 1/4 was starting to wilt.
        My general rule is this: if it is something you'd normally thoroughly inspect at the grocery store (pulling back the husk of corn, looking closely at bagged lettuce or herbs for signs of wilt or things that are really truly seasonal with short shelf lives,) I buy from Fairway, and not FD.
        All other produce staples, (onions, apples, tomatoes, grapes, melon, citrus, most fruit, carrots, celery, etc) I get from FD. I got some of the best peaches I've had all season, the corn was 4 stars and was awesome and some jersey tomatoes better than Union Sq farmers market. The recent "4 stars" I've purchased have been great.
        And I tell you what, if any of it is squished, brown, or just generally unappealing, they don't even hesitate to credit you if you shoot them an email.

        Oh and Hungry: how long is the lapse from when you place your order and when your delivery is?

        Oh and fyi. (Off topic, sorry) Try the korean stir fry kit. Holy crap that is some easy and tasty stuff. Last I checked it was 25% off.