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Aug 10, 2012 04:24 PM

Nice Lunch in Windsor, CT area on Labor Day

Trying to find a nice place that'll be open for lunch on Labor Day in the Windsor, CT area. I posted several months ago asking for suggestions for our family reunion-- mostly senior citizens, about 12 of us. The two places recommended: Nutmeg and Mill on the River looked PERFECT, but unfortunately neither will be open on Labor Day. Any other ideas? We'd prefer something quiet sans small kids. American cuisine - steaks and/or pasta, and seafood would probably work best. But also interested in Chinese or Italian if there's someplace that will fill the bill. Thank you in advance Connecticut Chowhounds!

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  1. There is not a lot of great places in that area.
    Places to try (I have no idea if they are open on Labor Day)
    La Notte (East Windsor)
    Jonathan Pascos (East Windsor)
    Maine Seafood (East Windsor)

    I can not say that any of these are really Chow-worthy but they are good options for an older crowd

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      I'll see if they have websites and will call to see if they're open on Labor Day. Appreciate your response.

      1. I like Bamboo Garden on Day Hill Road. It's a nice sit-down chinese restaurant. I think they are a step up from the average joint. Their House Special Chicken is my favorite version of General Tso's in the area.

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          This sounds very special and I'll definitely give it a try. Thanks very much.