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Aug 10, 2012 04:17 PM

Fresh dates in New York City

A year ago at this time, Spice Corner (29th and Lexington) carried fresh dates on the stem. This year they say they aren't carrying them, and visits to the South Asian supermarkets in Jackson Heights have returned the same response.

Does anyone know where they may be found this year? The season is normally right about now.

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  1. Well, by chance today we found some — at Garden of Eden. $5.99 for several branchlets, wrapped in grape-packing plastic. They're a little under ripe, but the city weather will fix that quickly.

    1. As of three years ago, many of the green grocers on 30th avenue in Astoria carried them. Good luck!

      1. They had them last week.

        1. Pretty sure Kalustyan's just a few shops south of Spice Corner sells 'em by the innermost cashier.

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            I've also seen them at Dual in the East VIllage.

          2. I bought them @ Kalustayan's last week.