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Aug 10, 2012 04:00 PM

Cotogna Sunday Supper? [San Francisco]

Here is the deal . . . GF and I have only one night free during an upcoming SF trip and it is Sunday. We want great Italian for dinner. Perbacco and Barbacco are closed. Cotogna looks great but all they serve on Sunday is a prix fixe. I have no objection to prix fixe menus (and the current one on the website looks great) but I usually like to have the option of a la carte. Is the Sunday Supper a great representation of what the restaurant can do? Or should we save Cotogna for another trip (or Saturday lunch) and go to La Ciccia instead for dinner? Or, any other recommendations for great Italian on a Sunday night? Thanks in advance for any feedback you care to give!

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  1. I had a great meal the night I was there for Sunday Supper and would recommend it. But, I may have gotten lucky with the menu. They do post it a few days ahead so you could always cancel if it does not appeal.

    1. Sunday Italian, La Ciccia, Incanto. I liked Cotogna's Sunday prix-fixe but if you prefer a la carte maybe save it for next trip.