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Aug 10, 2012 03:09 PM

Pilsener Haus in Hoboken?

How's the food here? Compared to Helmer's if you've been? We are doing a large party in October and want to do it in one of these places because of the location.

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  1. Food at Pilsener Haus is excellent. The chef spent 10+ years at Cafe des Artistes and had his own place called Thomas Beisl in Brooklyn for about 8. He's from Vienna. Only Monday the kitchen is closed & they serve from the grills (bratwurst etc). But any other night...go.

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    1. re: Frederick Loren

      Yeah, the place is surprisingly good.

      It should be noted that it's a completely different vibe than Helmers. Helmers is a Hoboken tradition going back 70 or 80 years, whose crowd can be a bit more mature, and perhaps even artsy at times. Pilsener Haus is without a doubt "new hoboken", with a fair amount of baby strollers, and communal, beer garden atmosphere. It is without peers.

    2. Pilsner Haus hands down. And they have one gluten free beer which is great for me and anyone else with Celiac. I was never impressed with the food at Helmers. Depending on what might you are planning the Pilsner Haus just opened a new venue above it called the Kolo Club where they have private parties but not sure what the minimum is. The one problem with PH is that it is all communal seating so having a large group they can't move tables around so that might not work for you.