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Aug 10, 2012 02:10 PM

Best hot sauce in LA

I have been searching all over LA for a great Mexican hot sauce and yet to find one. Most have your basic salsa with vinegar or lime juice. I am looking for that old authentic sauce that relies on the flavor of peppers and spices and not anything sour like lime juice or vinegar. I had checked this site earlier and many people were raving about King tacos and their sauce. I found one of the places and the sauce was hot but subpar.

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    1. Carnitas Michaocan, the one above Chinatown on North Broadway N/W corner at 19th.

      1. Thanks for the input. I might try the Gindo's hot sauce but $10 for an 8 ounce bottle is a little steep. Will try and check out Carnitas Michaocan but reviews on yelp were saying the hot sauce is your typical hot sauce with lime juice.

        Keep the input coming in! I know there is a special sauce out there.

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          Actually, I got 3 for $20 on line. They are local and last month or so, the Times ran a major article on the sauce.

        2. I look forward to your answers on this one, I do not know of any restaurants that have a great hot sauce.
          Perhaps this will be of interest @ Studio City Farmer's Market (Sundays)...there is a wonderful salsa stand with some mouth numbing and super flavorful salsas and hot sauces. The black bean-prickly pear salsa is amazing.

          1. I realize this is more a response to your topic header (which is quite broad) than to the subsequent text (which is quite specific), but the two most crack-tastic hot sauces I've had lately have been:

            1) the stuff they serve with the corazon (beef heart) skewers at El Pollo Inka

            2) the stuff they serve with the squid at Crispy Pork Gang... tamarind, fish sauce, and some sort of punchy chili pepper, and they smack you in that order

            Also (not technically a hot sauce, but too good to pass up), order Al Noor's paneer tikka masala "extra hot", get a couple orders of fresh-baked naan, and have yourself one halluncinatory chips&dip session.

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              Huarache Azteca on York/Ave 53. I could eat gallons of the chipotle salsa. If you don't see it on the display, ask for it. I think it might be what you're talking about. From what I can tell, it's basically concentrated/stewed down chipotle peppers and oil. Very musky, very savory, less bright than deeply flavorful and spicy.

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                Not sure where the original poster is located, but I did just have lunch at my favorite new place (very good quality, inexpensive and not too far from me) Taqueria Los Anaya on West Adams. I did ask one of the guys about their "diablo" hot sauce. I had it before and thought it was very good, but too hot for me to use on a regular basis. He confirmed it was made from habaneros and it doesn't contain any vinegar or lime juice. It's hot and I think it's what the o/p is searching for. You can ask them questions via their website. They are of course happy to answer questions over the phone. I'm sure they'd let you sample if you drop into the place; nice folks.