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Aug 10, 2012 01:10 PM

Top mid priced restaurants in montreal

Hey everyone, I've been searching on chowhound for a great place to eat out this weekend however I mostly find recommendations for higher end restaurants like joe beef etc, I'm looking for a mid priced to higher end around 20-30$ for a main dish i was looking at the place that has replaced dna; l'atelier d'argentine, or brasserie T but if anyone has some suggestions please let me know!!

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    1. I think a lot of the top Montreal restaurants hover around this price category:
      400 Coups: $25-$30 mains
      Lawrence: $25-$32 mains (today's menu)
      Cinquieme Peche: $22-31
      Laloux: $18-28
      Lemeac: $22+ (though admittedly some range into the $40s)
      Trois Petits Bouchons: $16.50-29
      Dominion Square Taverne: $15-29
      Osteria Venti: $21-26 (though here you'd probably be inclined to order a starter, primi, and secondi dishes)
      le Filet: (they only have small sharing plates, but last time there 3 of us split 7 items= about $38 each+tax)
      L'Express: $15-$27 mains

      Even at places like Pied de Cochon the vast majority of mains come in under $30, as long as one avoids the temptation of the foie gras-laden dishes, like the "duo" at $51 a plate.

      You could also reduce costs by going to bring your own wines:
      Smoking Vallee: $20-30 mains
      P'Tit Plateau: around $25 mains

      I don't know of anyone who has visited L'Atelier d'Argentine. Brasserie T could also be a reasonable option. If price is really an issue, you could consider one of the late night deals at Lemeac ($25 fixed 3-course menu after 10), Milos ($20.12 after 10), Cocagne, etc etc.

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        Looking at L'Atelier d'Argentine website , I noticed that they also have a late special from 10:30 pm (Buenos Aires hours, they say). 22$ for starter and main (not all mains)...

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          Thanks for the reply I just went to trois petit bouchon and it was amazing started with grilled octopus, than got a veal tartare :)