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Aug 10, 2012 12:57 PM

Fro Yo / Gelato Wars coming soon to The Danforth

The Mad Italian

All coming soon.

Saw Menchie's sign this AM. I believe closer to Pape.

It's gonna be crazy.......

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  1. Crazy crazy!! I'm unsure what's going on with Yogurty's, it appears crazy construction. By the time all of these places open it will be fall but none the less I'm very excited!!
    Did the Menchie's sign just go up? Hadn't noticed it.
    On a separate note as much as I"m not a fan of taste of the Danforth all this rain is making me sad for the festival.....

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    1. re: Baelsette

      Yes, I just noticed the Menchie sign this morning on my drive to work.

      And ditto re crappy weather. I'm not a fan of TOTD either but I sure hope that the resto owners will be able to sell all of the goods they brought in.

    2. Yogurty's is open. It'll be SLAMMED with teens (believe me, we have one across from the school where I teach/these kids go) but I'm glad it's here.

      1. Yogurty's >>> Menchies, and its a no contest.