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Aug 10, 2012 12:38 PM

best high-end chocolate truffles in NYC

HI- looking for a gift for someone who loves high-end European-style chocolate, but old school stuff, ie, nothing with chili peppers or bacon in it....(so, not liddabit, vosges, etc) What's the best here? Neuhaus? Teuscher? Maison du Chocolat?


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  1. Is Kee's too "out there" for the recipient? If so, then La Maison du Chocolat. But I think it depends what you're looking for. Ganache center or other filling?

    1. Maison du Chocolat no doubt, at least for me :)

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        Teuscher is my hands down favorite. The quality of the chocolate is supreme.

      2. Not a terribly original choice, and they are an international chain at this point, but Maison du Chocolat truffles are what convinced me it was acceptable to give women chocolates on St Valentine's...

        1. Kee's champagne truffles, thompson truffle, mousse truffle, hazelnut praline, cherry cordial are all classic flavors and the execution is better than Neuhaus, Teuscher and Maison du Chocolat in my opinion. The chocolate is smooth, ingredients impeccably fresh and the shell is delicate.

          1. Teuscher... Love the champagne truffles.