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Aug 10, 2012 12:09 PM

Help me narrow, please

Heading to Montreal in a few weeks. Have a few places reserved already, but am narrowing the list for one other night. Trois Petits Bouchons, Comptoir (charcuterie et vin), La Salle a Manger, Pastaga, or Le Chien Fumant? (Already have Lemeac, Liverpool House, Les 400 Coups, and will try for Pintxo.)

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  1. Both 3 Petits Bouchons, La Salle à Manger and Le Chien Fumant have "proper" dishes compared to small plates that Le Comptoir and Pastaga have (and if I might add the new "Hotel Herman" also have small plates)

    I was somewhat underwhelmed by the food at Pastaga, but the wine selection was outstanding (but I went soon after they opened); I have to go back.

    My pick would be La Salle à Manger.


    1. I'd typically lean towards 3PB or Chien Fumant. That said, Liverpool House, Chien Fumant, and Salle a Manger are (in my opinion) similar in several ways. 3PB might provide some contrast, though clearly it, Lemeac, and 400 Coups are very French-influenced. Really, I think you're unlikely to be disappointed with any of the options you've listed. My least favourite is Salle a Manger, but I know others who love the place (i.e. Max, above).

      1. Had my birthday dinner last night at Salle à Manger and was thoroughly impressed. Main was a cote de poulain (horse) shared between two. Been there a few times and this was the best of the "large plates" I've eaten there.


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          Pastaga was the biggest disappointment for me this year. I love Martin Junau and was excited but the food, ambiance and service left a lot to be desired. The only highlight was the pork belly-delicious. I hate the concept of casual fine dining. If you want to charge fine dining prices please put some effort in the service and food. The service was by far the worst part of the evening. He had half the restaurant and was throwing plates at us. Ugh!!!