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Aug 10, 2012 11:56 AM

Credit Card Roulette [moved from General Topics]

Is this a huge thing around the country/world?
l found out about it a few months ago and thus far have been lucky and not paid.
Does everyone love it or hate it ?

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  1. Interesting. Never heard of it so I had to google. Would consider doing it but generally not my thing. I see the odds can be influenced (links for those like me):

    (Mind you, I have a friend who enjoys hot sauce, wasabi shooter and dog treat tasting challenges with me; I just live on a different edge I guess.


    Edited to add this link:
    Too much mathematics for me to accomplish after a glass or ++ of wine. LOL.

    1. Just read about it a month or so ago. At the moment this has not been mention by any of my friends and I will not educate them about it.

      As I tend to be.... more extravegant when I go out. (Bottle of wine, appetizer, entree, maybe even dessert) and my friend tend to get a drink (if that) and an entree. It's not cool for me to do that to them.

      1. I recently witnessed a new acquaintence fall victim to it, at the hands of a rapacious predator.

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            Interpol will catch up with you and rid the earth of this scourge.

        1. this has been around for decades, but i generally see guys who make 6 figures and up doing it.

          1. I use the card, that I want points/miles on. Each is paid to US $ 0, every month, so it is only about the points/miles to me.

            When I travel abroad, I notify AMEX of my itinerary, and thus avoid exchange fees.

            Never played any games with my credit cards, and am not likely to do so, but then, even when in Las Vegas, I do not gamble, though I eat well. I will leave the lotteries and roulette games to others.