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Aug 10, 2012 11:47 AM

Dinner Coin Flip - 400 Coups v. Bouillon Bilk v. ?

Four of us are coming up from Boston later this month for three nights in Montreal. Two of us are pregnant. We've got Sunday and Monday planned. Sunday is French bistro - Laloux (unless I get talked into Lemeac instead). Monday is Trois Petit Bouchons. The question is Tuesday. I've currently got a reservation at 400 Coups, but i had been toying with Bouillon Bilk and a number of other options.

We're intentionally giving the big portion heavy hitters Joe Beef and APDC a pass (we went to APDC last time we were in town, it was great, but the raw fish temptation is huge bad for the pregnant among us). We are also giving Au Cinqueme Peche a pass, only because we ate there last time and are looking for something new. We were also considering Club de Chasse et Peche, Lawrence, and P'tit Plateau. Comptoir is out because of the wine temptation.

Given all that, if you had three nights in town, what would your Tuesday dinner be?

Bonus question: any thoughts on hidden gems between Montreal and Baie St. Paul (we have already reserved a dinner at Mouton Noir).

Thanks in advance for your help - this board is an invaluable research tool.

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  1. I would go with 400 Coups. I'm also a big fan of Club Chasse et Peche, but it works better when you can enjoy wine with your meal. How about Lawrence for Sunday brunch? And I love P'tit Plateau, but prefer eating there in the fall and winter - just don't feel like cassoulet in the summer.

    1. 400 Coups sans hesitation.

      Vices Versa in La Malbaie is extraordinary. Don't miss it - seriously.