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Aug 10, 2012 11:46 AM

Kosher in Seattle?

are there any kosher restaurants in Seattle? Preferably close to Downtown but willing to travel if food is good. I prefer vegetarian or dairy but all suggestions are welcome! Thanks!

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  1. There's a vegetarian Chinese. It's spacious, and patronized by Chinese and vegetarians, but the Va'ad ha'Ir certifies it. Bamboo Garden

    Coming from downtown, you can get within a couple of blocks on the monorail. Or cab. Or zipcar. But it does give you an excuse to take the monorail

    I like it. It's nothing fancy, just a neighborhood Chinese restaurant. But I like it.

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      OMG! Bamboo Garden is one of my top favorite kosher restaurants! I wish there was something like it here in Chicago. :-(

      1. re: KA2CSH

        Love it. It's right next door to the guitar museum which is not to be missed!!!

    2. I think there is also an Indian Restaurant, Pabla. I know that their local high school does a fundraiser there every year around Purim time and you can get the yummy Indian food shipped nationwide (we got it in Chicago). Here is the link:

      1. I believe there are only vegan or dairy options in Seattle.

        1. If you want meat, your only options are QFC in University Village and Albertson's on Mercer Island. They're just supermarkets, so you basically get whatever you want to go. Both have pre-made sandwiches and things like rotisserie chickens. For dairy, there's the Island Crust Café also on Mercer Island. Outside of that, there's not much. I'm not into vegetarian so I've never eaten at Bamboo Garden and I don't like Indian food, so Pabla Indian has no appeal for me.